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Excerpts from recent editorials in newspapers in Illinois
Also last week, House and Senate members were hurriedly given sexual harassment awareness ... designed to promote public awareness of a preventable cause for too many fatal crashes. Drivers know they should not get behind the wheel if they have been.

Woman has body frozen for future
and it is meaningless to preserve the body. "It is not possible to bring a person who is considered brain dead back to life," he said. Kong said the foundation will continue to accept requests for the procedure, but it will not keep too many bodies because.

The End Of The Emo Era Is Breaking My Teenage Heart
When I was a surly teen with a rat’s nest of purple-striped hair, far too many studded belts ... becoming just one flailing body among many, a piece of a whole. And I felt grateful, for years afterward, that my friend had taken me along to experience.

Detroit EMTs, firefighters to get body armor
Detroit firefighters and emergency technicians may soon be equipped with body armor. Fire Commissioner Eric Jones ... Some other jurisdictions provide them, but not too many.”.

Why is it so cold in here? Setting the office thermostat right – for both sexes
He is affiliated with The National Tertiary Education Union as a member of the ... about it being too hot or cold. No one likes rugging up on a summer’s day to contend with the air-conditioning. Or having to shed one too many layers in winter to.

Can A Diet Clean Out Toxins In The Body?
The body has its own amazing detoxification systems: the liver and the kidneys," says Ranit Mishori, a faculty member in family medicine at the ... or displeased with his decision to wolf down a few too many cookies or french fries? And surely there's.

Man killed in south Wichita shooting
A woman's body was discovered in a home near 21st and 119th streets ... Kansas is home to all kinds of animals, but a few too many bison. The Maxwell Wildlife Refuge in Canton, Kansas is home to all kinds of animals, but a few too many bison.

The Rare Story in Which an Impromptu Beatles Serenade Doesn’t Fill One with Rage
To coax as much juice from these grapes as possible in five raucous minutes, alternating with two other team members to stomp the grapes ... of course—there are too many grimy feet involved for that (never mind the poor technique.

USS John S McCain collision: Some remains found, says US Navy commander
Speaking at a news conference at Changi Naval Base on Tuesday evening, Adm Swift said it is too early ... to tell how many. We're always hopeful of survivors. pic.twitter.com/INr4TxExW0 The US Navy is also in the process of identifying a body reported.

Police union says it will fight order banning visible tattoos, baseball caps
“Too many uniform variations became available ... especially when it impacts current officers who have visible body tattoos and/or body brandings,” FOP President Dean Angelo wrote to union members in a letter, a copy of which was obtained by the.