Akb48 Vs Hkt48 Akbingo Episode

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Banzai! Banzai! Banzai! Enter the world of crazy Japanese game shows
As the members of superstar J-pop group Arashi do battle with guest teams on their own TV game show, Vs Arashi ... jump back in for a tickle fight! AKBINGO! is a Japanese variety show featuring Japanese girl group AKB48. One part of the show is an.

AKB48 Spawns NGT48 Sister Idol Group in Niigata
The female idol group AKB48 will spawn NGT48, a new sister group based in Niigata Prefecture. A video at the evening session of the "AKB48 Request Hour Set List Best 1035 2015" event made the annoucement at Tokyo Dome City Hall on Sunday. Auditions for the.

#RoadtoAKB48xJKT48 Kitahara Rie, Bukan sekedar Anggota 'Not Yet' - GwiGwi (Siaran Pers) (Blog)
GwiGwi.com – Saat ini kita akan membahas salah satu member senior AKB48 , Kitahara Rie (北原里英) atau yang biasa disebut Kitarie. Lahir 24 Januari 1991 di Ichinomoiya, Aichi, Jepang, dan merupakan asisten kapten tim K. Kitarie bergabung di AKB48 &nbsp.

World's Grossest Game Show Contest Features 2 Girls Trying to Blow a Roach Into Each Other's Mouths
The game show is called AKBingo and features women from the idol group AKB48 playing dodge ball until one of them ... Really starting to feel nostalgic for a good ol'-fashioned episode of Double Dare right now.