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The Real 'Me Generation'
writing in a magazine best known by millennials as one they grab in a doctor's office waiting room. How thorough is his reporting? ("I had data!" he boasts in the piece.) In this story about millennials, only two people under 30 are quoted and 20 who are.

Inside the Russian 5-star hotel where nobody has ever checked in: Rooms lie empty because the building was never completed
It is now waiting to be demolished, with a large residential complex due to be built on the site. The images of the empty building were captured by Russian photographer Lana Sator, and were featured on her blog lana-sator.livejournal.com.

Jury Duty Job Fairs: An unworkable idea to help people find work
2. Much of jury duty consists of sitting around for hours waiting to be called on (or not called on). The day I served, 120 of us sat in limbo from 9 a.m. until noon. Some of us read books, some worked on laptops, some chatted in the back of the room and.

Girl Talk: I Had An Abortion
This piece first appeared on Eyelid’s LiveJournal and has been reprinted with her permission ... In between you go back to the waiting room. Happily, Patrick bought me books in anticipation of all the waiting, so I was set. It took about five.

The Anger Room Is Our Generation's Escape Room
Centuries ago, from 2007 to 2016, the hot attraction was the escape room, a sort of real-life game of Myst where you solved puzzles to get out of a dungeon or library or steampunk laboratory. But it’s 2017, and it isn’t time for cerebral games.

How To Avoid Jury Duty
It took us about two seconds in the waiting room (after the comedy court clerk started his shtick, but before that horrible video with Ed Bradley, God rest his soul, began to play) that we remembered: Jury duty sucks. Why? People. Let me tell you about.

AKB48, headshaving and the sexual politics of J-Pop
Japanese pop star Minami Minegashi made headlines worldwide after shaving her head and making an dramatic public apology on Youtube for violating her pop group AKB48’s strict no ... Junkudo bookshop. Waiting in line at the checkout, I looked at the.

Japan pop star stabbed two dozen times after refusing man's gift
The owner of a nearby restaurant said "a trail of blood and a bloodstained mask were found on stairs leading to the room where the concert was to take ... Perhaps the most famous of Japan's idol supergroups is AKB48, which now boasts more than a hundred.

The ugly truth: Satan, social networks and security
Cider and box wine acquired, check. We fired up our interception proxies, passive audit tools, a few other toys, cranked up "Waiting Room", and prepared to sequester ourselves a few nights a week for a couple of months, to see what things looked like.

Thieves swipe AKB48 shells from tsunami-hit railway
The Sanriku Railway Co. says thieves have stolen scallop shells bearing messages written by entertainers from all-girl pop and dance troupe AKB48. The company believes ... The station’s waiting room acquired ever greater numbers of hanging shells and.