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Tokyo tops CN Traveler’s list of world’s best cities 2017
While the US is conspicuously absent, Vancouver is the highest-ranked North America at No. 8. More than 300,000 readers cast their votes in categories like the best hotels, resorts, cruise lines, islands and airlines.

Shelf Life - Idol Warship
Welcome to Shelf Life ... That the series uses actual AKB48 hits is absolutely critical to the enjoyment of the series, as the group has some of the best pop tunes/money algorithms written in the past decade. "Aitakatta," "River," and "Heavy Rotation.

Guilty and never proven innocent – every male train rider's nightmare in Japan
No matter your innocence, with a 99% conviction rate should the case go to court, one Tokyo lawyer says the best thing to do if wrongly accused is, run. Attorney Takashi Nozawa provides the following advice to anyone who might find themselves caught up in.

FULL LIST: Winners, Asian Television Awards 2016
MANILA, Philippines – The winners of the Asian Television Awards 2016 are out! The Asian TV Awards were held in Singapore on Friday, December 2. The awards night was hosted by Adrian Pang, Stephanie Carrington, Alden Richards, and Baki Zainal, with.

AKB48 slasher thought to have attacked at random, Iwate police
Police say there is no clear motive for the violent attack on two members of Japanese pop group AKB48. Rina Kawaei ... from which they take their name. It is an institution with a constantly changing line-up and has sister groups throughout Japan as.

AKB48's girl power still strong after 10 years
In October 2009, "RIVER" became the group's first No. 1 single on the Oricon chart. AKB48 also won its own berth on the "Red & White Year-end Song Festival" — confirmation of its rise to stardom in name and reality. The group's popularity grew into a.

Invoice puts Japanese company in running for greenest in Japan, at least as far as names go
Generally, Japanese family names have some sort of connection to the natural environment, such as Ogawa (“Small River”), Yamada (“Mountain Field ... Regardless of the reason, there’s no denying the linguistic phenomenon, as proven by the.

Japanese AKB48 popstar shaves head after sex scandal
A member of Japanese girl group AKB48 has shaved her hair off after a recent sex scandal. An apologetic Minami Minegishi, 20, appeared in a YouTube video with her haircut to show remorse and regret, accepting blame for the situation with 19-year-old.

Rare Rides: Toyota Mega Cruiser Tells HMMWV to Step Outside
Beyond that, the English translation on the site is hilarious. …smooth handling,parking help,relaxable,no ABS,no ESC,barely damaged… So I did some poking around on Wikipedia for more information. Toyota produced the Mega Cruiser from 1995 through.

Why does my jaw hurt when I exercise?
I've looked online and found that this could be a sign of heart problems, but I'm only 23 with no family history. Should I be concerned? Dear Sara: I am glad you've asked this question, as pains in the chest, left arm and jaw are a very common concern.