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'Adult' AKB48 members appear in Asahi's new canned coffee ad
Asahi's new canned coffee - Wanda Gold Black - commercial features AKB48 members, including Yuko Oshima, Mayu Watanabe and Haruka Shimazaki. Despite how you usually see them on TV (cute young girls), you will find them acting like grown-up mature women in.

Japanese pop stars go global with cafe
Three members of AKB48 were on hand Saturday to open the cafe that bears their name on Singapore's famous Orchard Road, with Maria Abe, Haruka Shimazaki and Miyu Takeuchi meeting with fans and handing out gifts to diners. The cafe can seat 60 and is.

Would you join the army for J-pop cutie Paruru Ponkotsu?
In a country that revels in all things cute, Japan’s army turns to J-pop idol Paruru of AKB48 to help recruit soldiers. “Working for the Self-Defence Forces presents boundless dreams — like the earth, ocean and the sea,” says Haruka Shimazaki of.

Ghost Theatre review: Ring director’s docile doll horror
The fact the lead role is played by Haruka Shimazaki, from the girl band AKB48, suggests a level of meta-playfulness around the living doll premise, but the film never ends up wandering down that subtextual side street – or indeed any other. Instead it.

AKB48's Haruka Shimazaki Stars in Ghostly "Gekijourei" Horror Film
The film features AKB48 member Haruka Shimazaki in a starring role. Ms. Shimazaki plays Sara, an up-and-coming young actress who lands a walk-on role in a theatrical production. Things take a turn for the worse, though, when the actresses for the play.

Hideo Nakata’s ‘Ghost Theater’ recalls true horror
As Sara, Haruka Shimazaki becomes the latest AKB48 member after Maeda and Yuko Oshima (“Pale Moon,” or “Kami no Tsuki”) to make a successful transition to the big screen, while shedding her adorable idol persona. But like her character, Shimazaki.

Film Review: ‘Ghost Theater’
Sara (AKB48 member Haruka Shimazaki), a driven actress who until now has been typecast as corpses, gets a small part in the play. Strange things happen when the doll’s head is reattached to a wooden body and brought onstage as Elisabeth’s alter ego.

Setelah 7 Bulan Lebih, Shimazaki Haruka AKB48 Akan Kembali Aktif di Google+ ? - Today Idol
Pada 18 Maret 2013, Shimazaki Haruka member AKB48 Team B memutuskan untuk meninggalkan situs Google+, tetapi ini bukan tepat pada 18 maret, tanggal 19 maret ia sempat membuat postingan tentang mengapa ia akan meninggalkan situs Google+&nbsp.

#RoadtoAKB48xJKT48 Yokoyama Yui, Suksesor yang Punya Kemauan Keras - GwiGwi (Siaran Pers) (Blog)
Pada perhelatan AKB48 Janken Taikai, keberuntungan didapat Yuihan pada tahun 2012 untuk single ke 29 AKB48 . Yuihan masuk hingga semi finalis namun gugur dari Shimazaki Haruka yang menjadi pemenang Janken Taikai waktu dan menjadi center&nbsp.

Cute Japan pop star recruits soldiers as Abe boosts military
Working for the Self-defense Forces presents boundless dreams - like the earth, ocean and the sea," says Haruka Shimazaki of the all-girl group AKB48 in a new 30-second commercial distributed by the Defense Ministry. "There's work that you can only do.