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Who’s still buying physical media in Japan? Top 20 singles lists for the year reveal the answer
For example, all five of these designs are for Oricon’s number-one song, AKB48’s “Labrador Retriever,” and if you’re a true fan, you’ll do all you can to put a smile on those 48 faces by buying each and every one. AKB48-mon, gotta catch ‘em all.

K-pop acts dropped from Japan year-end music show
were among the headline acts last year on "Kohaku Uta Gassen" (The Red and White Song Contest). The live TV show lasts more than four hours, and features established acts like AKB48, as well as grandees of J-pop like ageing boy band SMAP. Viewers are drawn.

SMAP, AKB48 among 20 acts to appear on NHK program to mark 1st anniversary of March 11 disaster
SMAP and AKB48 will be among 20 groups and singers who will take part in a special music program by NHK to be broadcast on March 10 to mark the 1st anniversary of the March 11 disaster in the Tohoku area. The program, titled "Toward Tomorrow," will air.

AKB48 and Justin Bieber Top Billboard Japan's Year-End Charts
The group spoke to Billboard Japan and commented on their impressive chart win. Mion Mukaichi, AKB48: My first solo center spot was with this song and I'm happy it grew to be loved by so many people. Yui Yokoyama, AKB48: It gives us great confidence to.

Macross Delta's 1st Walküre Album Wins Animation Album of the Year in Gold Disc Award
Hikaru Utada's "Hanataba Wo Kimini" song from her new Fantôme album ... Artist of the Year award for Japanese artists. SMAP's SMAP 25 Years album won Album of the Year for Japanese artists, while AKB48's "Tsubasa wa Iranai" won Single of the Year.

Cameron Diaz: I Want a New Man!
Co-stars Jude Law and Cameron Diaz promote their latest film The Holiday at Park Tower Hall on Wednesday morning in Tokyo, Japan. Cameron told the 200-strong media that she wants a new man in her life, saying, “I want somebody to come and show me what he.

Japan's 2014 Anime CD Sales Up 4.4% from the Previous Year
According to the report by Sound Scan Japan posted yesterday, the total anime/animation CD sales in Japan for year 2014 was 4.4% up from the previous year, more specifically, 14.3% up for albums and 18.6% down for singles. Meanwhile, the overall music soft.

Let’s discuss SMAP’s ‘Kohaku’ no-show
While one user, @PoTaTo_777SOUL, said “I wanted SMAP to ... Perfume and AKB48. “Kohaku Uta Gassen” (“Red and White Song Battle”) is one of the nation’s most well-known New Year’s Eve shows. First published in The Japan Times on Nov. 25.

VIDEO: 'Pen Pineapple Apple Pen' ('PPAP') was the most viewed video worldwide last week
AKB48 reveal the formation of a new sister group called STU48! SMAP's 'Sekai ni Hitotsudake no Hana' named Japan's most influential song by 'Music Station' Japanese music program "Music Station" recently named the 100 most influential songs in Japan.

Time To Rock Your Balls Off
Japanese pop, rather Jpop, is pigeonholed as cute, ear saccharine. That might not exactly be fair. But there's no arguing, sometimes Jpop needs more guitars. More awesome hair. Sometimes it needs more metal. Sometimes Jpop needs more Marty Friedman. Marty.