Bokutachi Wa Tatakawanai Akb48 Show Must Go On

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The first remarkable fact about AKB48 is that it has 140 members ... How is this not already a reality show? After a few years in the wilderness, Enrique Iglesias is back. He had been getting boring — another beautiful person singing catchy, disposable.

What do you think of Japanese pop and rock music? Heard anything you like?
try to go ... wa Ikiteiru -Kicell List below vary from mainstream to indie, mostly rock and its subgenre, and sorry, no visual kei;; (I hate visual kei): 88kasyo Junrei Ame no Parade Art-School Aru Kankaku Bertoia blgtz Bo Ningen Boom Boom Satellites.

Culture clash: Entertainers add weight to government protests - The Japan Times
Southern All Stars' released a chart-topping anti-war song titled “Peace and Hi-Lite” in 2013, while pop idol group AKB48 released a song titled “ Bokutachi wa Tatakawanai ” (“We Will Not Fight”) in May. Keisuke Kuwata, lead vocalist for Southern All.

Tochiotome 25 invite you to a unique onsen experience in the music video for “Yu”! 【Video】
Tochigi local idol group Tochiotome 25 have once again released a music video showcasing the charms of their rural home town with “Yu” (release date: April 22). This one’s… a little different. The video starts off in a rather dark fashion with a.

Culture clash: Entertainers add weight to government protests
“What Abe is trying to do is change direction 180 degrees,” Takahata, 79, tells The Japan Times. “He is saying ... while pop idol group AKB48 released a song titled “Bokutachi wa Tatakawanai” (“We Will Not Fight”) in May.

Your AKB48 Pocket Guide
Their latest, Bokutachi wa Tatakawanai ... they can be with AKB48 but also be in SKE48. Some of the sister groups are international, such as JKT48 in Indonesia and TPE48 in China. Fans buy a CD single, which comes with a ticket to go to the handshaking.

Japanese Animation DVD Ranking, November 21-27
Stage I of Ultraman Zero Gaiden Killer The Beat Star landed right below at #46 with 2,383 copies. The AKB48 Nemōsu TV Special ~Ase to Namida no SupoKon Matsuri DVD sold 2,180 copies to land at #49.