Chicano Rina Akb48 Twitterpated

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Pop group JKT48 appointed as tourism ambassadors for Hokkaido city
Some members of the sister group of AKB48, one of the most popular of Japan’s all-girl ... The JKT48 members, including Japanese singer Rina Chikano, are expected to stay in Hokkaido through Saturday.

AKB48 Announces Tectonic Line-Up Shift
Some of those ex-Wall Street advance modeling mathemagicians must be working for pop mastermind Yasushi Akimoto because the latest AKB48 shake-up looks like real Hari Seldon maneuvering. Leading up to the graduation of Atsuko Maeda, the pop supergroup's.

AFA Indonesia to Host Gackt, JKT48, and Pink Babies
Haruka Nakagawa and Rina Chikano from AKB48 also perform as part of JKT48. The Pink Babies 14-member idol group formed last year. The group is billed as a successor to Pink Lady, a famous Japanese 1970s pop duo. The group debuted with the music video.