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AKB48 Group Members to Form Their Own Units for 2017 “Janken Tournament”
Idol supergroup AKB48 have announced they will hold their annual “Janken Tournament” event at Nippon Gaishi Hall on September 24, but with one huge change from previous years: the candidates will be units instead of individual members. The “Janken.

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11th Generation (Announced July 2010) Name: Chinami Okazaki. Birthdate: May 28, 1992 . #Chinami_Okazaki #岡崎ちなみ #Kenkyuusei #AKB48 11th Generation (Announced July 2010). Name: Ayaka Morikawa. Birthdate: March 24, 1996. #Ayaka_Morikawa.

AKB48 to have concerts on 5 major domes + new team shuffle
This surprise is brought to the girls by AKB48 manager ... Miyazawa Sae and Takajo Aki are high-ranking members that have been assigned overseas so members and concert audience alike rejoiced when then heard this news. On the funnier side of the.

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Recommended Eyecandy+ Reading: March 12, 2014 Ray's Picks AKB48 Yuki Kashiwagi "Yukirin ga Haru wo Tsuretekita" on Young Champion Magazine – HEBIROTE AKB48 Longcat's gravure pictorials are almost always very enjoyable. Anime stamp makers Itaindou are.

SKE48初期メンバー出口陽、歌手の道を目指し卒業 - ナタリー
なので卒業するのはすごくさみしいですが、これからは私の夢である歌手という道に進むために歌の勉強を本格的にやっていきたい」と、卒業の理由を説明している。なお具体的な卒業日程は追ってアナウンスされる。 出口は2007年に AKB48 第1期研究生(4期生)として活動する&nbsp.

AKB48 Alumna Atsuko Maeda Returns in New Doraemon Ad
This is not only Maeda's first new ad to air after her AKB48 graduation, but also her first ad in which she co-stars with Gian (as played by mixed martial artist Naoya Ogawa). The theme of the eighth ad is "Geijutsu no Aki," the Japanese custom of enjoying.

SKE48’s Aki Deguchi to Graduate in April
Aki Deguchi, born March 14th, 1988, is a qualified nutritionist and has graduated from university and has participated in a number of AKB48 and SKE48 singles including Yuuhi wo Miteiru ka? (Himawari 2.1 Mix), Bungee Sengen, and Bike to Sideca.

SKE48's Deguchi Aki announces her graduation
It's been announced that SKE48 Team S member Deguchi Aki will be graduating from the group in April ... More details on her graduation will be revealed at a later date. Deguchi became AKB48's 1st generation kenkyuusei (4th generation) in 2007, but.

SKE48 Deguchi Aki, Matsumura Kaori share their take on fans who refuse to shake hands with members at HS event
SKE48 member Deguchi Aki revealed on her google plus account that she was ignored by more than one fans at SKE48’s handshake event on February 11th. She raised a question, “Is that appropriate as a human?” It often generates a discussion since at.

AKB, SKE, and NMB Trivia for All!
46. Hiramatsu Kanako and Deguchi Aki are in a “relationship”. 47. Yuasa Hiroshi, the manager of the SKE48 theater, says that Yagami Kumi is the best dancer in SKE48. 48.Yagami Kumi is friends with Fujie Reina and Nakagawa Haruka from AKB48. 49.

Deguchi Aki SKE48 Umumkan Kelulusannya Dari Grup - Today Idol
Pengumuman ini dibuat oleh dirinya sendiri pada 13 Maret di akhir pertunjukan Team S ke-4 “Reset” di SKE48 Theater. Deguchi Aki merayakan ulang tahun ke-26 hari ini. Dia berterima kasih kepada fans atas dukungan mereka, dan dia menjelaskan bahwa&nbsp.

AKB48 Group Dai Sokaku Matsuri & Team shuffle
AKB48 Group Dai Sokaku Matsuri (AKB48グループ大組閣祭り~時代は変わる。だけど、僕らは前しか向かねえ!~) was held on February 24, 2014 at Zepp DiverCity in Tokyo. This event was the 3rd big shuffle of the 48 Family groups.