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Densen Uta
Densen Uta (伝染歌 Contagious Song) is a 2007 Japanese satiric Japanese horror film produced by Shochiku Corporation and directed by Masato Harada. Many of the cast are members of the AKB48 idol girl group. Anzu Natsuno (Yuko Oshima), a student at an.

AFA X Artiste – AKB48
AKB48 members had appeared on TV dramas, films and TV CMs, such as Densen Uta, Majisuka Gakuen and many more. AKB48 made their overseas appearance during Anime Expo this year and will also debut their first time appearance in Anime Festival Asia 2010.

AKB48's “Heavy Rotation”, Tops 2012 Karaoke Request Ranking
Idol group AKB48's 17th single, “Heavy Rotation”, manages to acquire the top spot of the ‘2012 JOYSOUND Yearly Ranking’. These are based on the results posted by XING INC. on the songs that were sung in the ‘JOYSOUND’ and ‘UGA’ karaoke series.

THE COMPLEX: New J-Horror from Director of THE RING
Described as a tale of terror, madness and despair born from solitude and isolation, the film stars Atsuko Maeda, former lead performer for the girls’ group AKB48. THE COMPLEX ... THE SUICIDE SONG (伝染歌, Densen-uta, 2007). Playing Shinobu, the.

The Suicide Song
As the project was in development with an idea of an "infectious song (Densen-Uta)", one of the staff called out..."There was a real Densen-Uta!" He discovers on the internet of a song back in 1933, Hungary, which caused mysterious deaths of many people.

AKB48 Profile
several girls starred in the movie Densen Uta, and the whole group starred in the mega-popular new year TV show Kohaku Uta Gassen. The third branch of AKB48 released its own DVD in 2008, when the group also compiled the Set List: Greatest Songs 2006-2007.

Get to Know Model and AKB48 Idol Member, Kojima Haruna
Her first lead role in a movie was in 2007 alongside fellow AKB48 members in the movie, Densen Uta. Kojima Haruna is an endorser for the lingerie brand, Peach John, since 2013. She has become a staple face for a number of cosmetology and fashion products.

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AKB48’s Yuko Oshima Makes Sudden Graduation Announcement at Kohaku Uta Gassen
Yuko continued, “This becomes my last Kohaku Uta Gassen, I’m pleased to sing with my great gratitude. Please support AKB48 in 2014, too” and added “This is our last performance in 2013, let’s party!” Then, AKB48 performed “Heavy Rotation.