Dj Amaya Akb48 Wallpaper

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New People's J-Pop Summit to Showcase Vocaloid Talent ZANEEDS and Danceroid
DJ Amaya returns to the J-Pop Summit Festival and will again turn Peace Plaza into a massive dancehall as he did in 2010. This year, he will feature mixes of top vocaloid artists and challenges at ZANEEDS at MIKU MIX DJ BATTLE on Saturday, August 27 th.

Canceled PS4 Game Would Have Let You Play Team Deathmatch As Gnomes
Did you know a game about gnomes killing each other almost made it to the PS4? In the latest Unseen64 video, Liam Robertson reports that a shooter with the working title “Gnomageddon” was in development at Sony San Diego up until late last year.

Moero Chronicle Game's Western PC Release Slated for August 16
The game will launch with a 30% discount for one week. The game's Deluxe Pack will be available for US$5.99, and will include a Monster Girls Gallery Art Book, three PC wallpapers, and three phone wallpapers. The release will have updated 1080p graphics.

K.C. Chiefs Defense: Bubble Trouble
In fact, JMJ has looked so good this summer, I can see that he may end up being Derrick Johnson’s replacement after DJ calls it quits… preferably ... Malcolm Bronson, and Jonathon Amaya. When Sanders Commings went down, the Chiefs Safety situation.

Trump Accuses Comey of Perjury While Dodging Questions About Secret Tapes He Probably Made Up
At a White House press conference today, President Trump accused former FBI director James Comey of perjuring himself before the US Senate—a very serious charge—and further advanced the ridiculous charade that he can prove it all with secret “tapes.