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Japan Has Made The Human Pop Star Obsolete
Meet Eguchi Aimi. She's the newest member of Japan's teen girl group, AKB48. Like the rest of her 47 band mates, she's the embodiment of the a tween pop idol. She's got a sugary voice, perfect hair, shiny skin, and an unrelenting desire to plug.

Is This Girl Real or Virtual?
With give-or-take 48 members, you'd think AKB48 would have enough idols to appeal to all fans. Its latest member is Aimi Eguchi, who has rocketed from obscurity to become the poster girl for a Japanese ice candy, Ice no Mi. What's caused such a stir is.

Can You Fall In Love with This Beautiful Girl?
This is Eguchi Aimi. She's the latest member of Japanese pop band AKB48 and a very lovely girl. But Eguchi Aimi is not what she seems. This Sunday, she shocked all her fans revealing her dark secret. You must watch this. Look at this video closely.

Aimi Eguchi, Of Japan's AKB48 Pop Idols, Has A Secret: She's Not Human (VIDEO)
So when Aimi Eguchi appeared in a candy commercial soon after joining AKB48, fans were understandably suspicious. Ordinarily, only the most popular girls get to do commercials, and Eguchi was still a "research student"--bottom of the ladder. That's when.

AKB48's 'newest member' turns out to be computer-generated image
A debate that has been raging among AKB48 fans since last week was finally settled on Monday when the band's "newest member" was revealed to be a computer-generated image. Aimi Eguchi suddenly became the face of a new confectionery line from Glico and.

Japanese Pop Idol, Aimi Eguchi, Isn't Human!
AKB48. The pop group has millions of superfans, who vote each year on which of the group's 61 members is the most popular, with the winner announced in an internationally televised awards ceremony. But fans were totally confused Aimi Eguchi (the new.

Fake Japanese Pop Star Surprises Fans
It's no secret that Aimi Eguchi is beautiful and talented. But human? Not exactly. She made headlines in the blogosphere after she was introduced earlier this month as the newest addition to the popular Japanese singing group AKB48. This week, however.

Meet Japan’s teen superstar who doesn’t exist
AKB48 is an all-female "idol" group – one of many comprising nubile young women who are idolised by Japanese geeks mainly because of their flawless looks. Computer-generated character ... Aimi Eguchi. The group produces songs and appears in theatre shows.

Japan creates more computerised pop stars
Eguchi Aimi, said the promotional material, is a new member of the group AKB48. AKB48 is weird enough as it is ... on to other groups or a search for meaningful employment elsewhere. Wikipedia lists 80 former members, and Aimi was said to have just.

Japanese computerised singer from pop group AKB48 fools thousands of fans
SHE looked like the picture perfect pop star, but Japanese singing sensation Aimi Eguchi wasn't even real. The young starlet was a hoax - she was computer generated from composite pictures of six of the most attractive members of the band AKB48.