Fortune Cookies Akb48 Scandal

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Japan's 'Moe' obsession: the purest form of love, or creepy fetishization of young girls? - The Japan Times
I strongly urge you to go to YouTube and search and view " Fortune Cookie Shinoda Mariko." It's a jewel and you'll like it. Hopefully, it will "mature" you a bit. Mariko is an AKB48 member - one of the first and one of the best, and probably the oldest.

This fortune-cookie handbag has a mile-long waiting list
“It started off as just a sample I was carrying around myself,” Hearst, 39, tells The Post of her signature item, the “Nina,” a fortune-cookie-shaped purse that boasts a wait list a few hundred people long. “Then I started getting really positive.

Walker: Big government advocates’ historical amnesia
Reading through these pages on a regular basis it’s unfortunately apparent Santayana’s observation is more Delphic Oracle than jejune fortune cookie. But here we are ... the suffix denoting scandal, lawbreaking and corruption. The ensuing televised.

Seared by the Seer: Japan’s Hottest Scandal
features the readings of 25 AKB48 members’ hands on his website. According to a book published last year by Yumiko Arimoto, a researcher for Mitsubishi UFJ Research and Consulting, the spirituality market in Japan — including fortune telling.

Man Wins $10 Million Lottery Using Numbers From A Fortune Cookie! Get The Sweet Deets!
That's one fortunate cookie! Richard Davis won a $10 million lottery jackpot in August, and claims that the lucky numbers came from a fortune cookie! The 66-year-old told the Florida Lottery he only occasionally tests his luck, always playing the lottery.

AKB48 star in new adidas commercial for Japan's World Cup soccer team
Megapopular all-girl idol group AKB48 ramp up World Cup soccer fever in adidas Japan's new TV commercial campaign that starts airing on Friday. The new commercial features Yuko Oshima, Nana Okada, Mako Kojima and Miki Nishino, who have been appointed.

Pop stars go out of tune in corporate Japan - Financial Times
After decades of relying on boybands to endorse everything from beer and cars to hair gel and DIY stores, corporate Japan may finally have to face the reality of “womenomics”: an endorsement from a girlband delivers better returns, new research suggests.

AKB48 “Tsugi no Ashiato”
Several of the 89-members-and-growing outfit’s most notable moments have been ugly (the Minami Minegishi head-shaving scandal tops ... and “Koi Suru Fortune Cookie” get overshadowed (the latter is especially strong — AKB48 swapping out arcade.

Spreading the Studio Ghibli bug in Indonesia - Nikkei Asian Review
While other Japanese entertainment exports, such as the AKB48 all-girl musical group or the Doraemon manga-anime series have taken off in the southeast Asian country, Ghibli's traditional approach to animation and the measured tone of its productions&nbsp.

Wisconsin in focus: Lawmakers approve business tax cut, more money for voucher school students
The spending also included $6,269 on messenger bags, $6,000 on pistol cases, nearly $3,200 on candy and $100 on fortune cookies containing custom messages. Most of the items bought since January 2015 were handed out as gifts to attendees at state.