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One finalist for AKB48 draft this year is just 11 years old
Japan’s 140-member supergroup AKB48 is holding its second annual draft next month, in which sub-teams will choose new members from a draft of 48 young hopefuls. And among the finalists is one of the youngest potential members the group has ever seen.

Video: Girl Band AKB48 Spices It Up
AKB48 is a 92-member girl band from Japan whose one song has garnered some 56 million hits on YouTube. The WSJ’s Deborah Kan talks to Tokyo News Editor Kenneth Maxwell about what’s causing the cult following. Read the interview with the group’s.

Japanese girl band star at centre of 'child porn' investigation after magazine used picture of her with boy touching her breasts
91-strong girl group AKB48. The group - the world's largest - is one of the highest-earning musical acts in the world and recruits new members through Pop Idol-style auditions. All the girls must be well-behaved, and they perform in a theatre every day.

Japanese Girl Band Member Ordered to Pay Damages for Going to Hotel Room With Male Fans
A 17-year-old former member of a Japanese girl band, or "idol group" as they are called in the ... In one incident, Minami Minegishi, of idol supergroup AKB48, shaved her head (a traditional act of contrition in Japan) after it was revealed she had spent.

AKB48 Attacked: Japanese Girl Group Assaulted By Saw-Wielding Man
AKB48 was attacked by a saw-wielding man at a meet-and-greet event, with two members of the Japanese girl band suffering cuts to their hands and being taken to the hospital. The attack took place at the pop group’s mini-concert on Sunday afternoon in.

AKB48: Japanese girl band members hurt in saw attack
Two members of popular Japanese girl band AKB48 have been discharged from hospital after a man wielding a saw attacked them at a fan event. Rina Kawaei, 19, and Anna Iriyama, 18, received cuts to the hands and heads after a man slashed them with the.

REAL OR FAKE: These Computer Generated People Look So Real You Won't Be Able To Spot The Humans
See how many you got right. A few weeks ago, Japan was shocked when the newest singer of girl band AKB48 turned out to be fake. She was a computer generated model from the facial features of the six other AKB48 members. We found a bunch of 3D designers who.

Girl band AKB48 Rock, Paper, Scissors winner speaks out
Members of Japanese band AKB48 played the ultimate game of Rock, Paper, Scissors to pick their new lead singer. This video has been optimised for mobile viewing on the BBC News app. The BBC News app is available from the Apple App Store for iPhone and.

Japanese girl band member fined for bringing male fans back to hotel room
A similar controversy happened to girl band AKB48 after it was revealed one band member had spent the night with a member of a boy band. The management company claimed damages of $42,375 from the girl and her parents to compensate for the money it had.

Japan hires top girlband AKB48 to sell government bonds
AKB48 ... in March showing group members passing bite-sized candies seductively from mouth-to-mouth, sparking cries it promoted homosexuality. The finance ministry has previously relied on celebrities to push Japan's government bonds, with a 2010 campaign.