Girls Generation Vs Akb48

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Despite the evidently distinct 2NE1-esque about them, the girls of Black Pink set fire to the scene with their unique fashion, sounds and dance moves to boot. While I enjoy all the glitz and glam, there is no underlying message or story to their.

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Unfortunately, in January of 2016, popular girl group KARA went on hiatus after 9 beautiful years together. After leading the Hallyu Wave for so long, especially in Japan, the girls had gone through some ups and downs before disbanding. .... debut.

Teenage depression and suicide are way up — and so is smartphone use
All told, our analysis found that the generation of teens I call “iGen” — those born ... A third study randomly assigned participants to give up Facebook for a week vs. continuing their usual use. Those who avoided Facebook reported feeling less.

PRISTIN open up to Heechul about the struggles of having menstruation during promotions - allkpop
While in the discussion about some of the concerns of girl group members, Siyeon said, "I hope people realize the struggles girl group members go through during the monthly magic." SEE ALSO: Seohyun talks dorm life with Girls ' Generation and members&nbsp.

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Jung Chae Yeon joked about being recognized as a member of 'Produce 101' project group IOI instead of DIA. SEE ALSO: DIA sing 'Unconditionally' on 'Immortal Song'. On the October 14 installment of 'SNL Korea', the DIA members had a secret meeting to&nbsp.

TWICE vs. Girls’ Generation: March Madness 2017 — Best Girl Group [Round 1]
This round is now over! Vote for Girls' Generation in the semi-finals here! The battle begins today between TWICE and Girls' Generation — two troupes with plenty of members and plenty more fans — now going head-to-head in the first round of PopCrush's.

Girls' Generation Turns "I Got A Boy" Music Video Into Fashion Show In Lazy Oaf, Stussy And More
A still from Girls' Generation's "I Got A Boy" music video. Photo: S.M.Entertainment Recognize that Batman shirt? And the fruity tee? AND the pizza crewneck? Yep, they're all from the U.K. label's recent collections.

The BBC Airs Documentary on Idols and Their Fans - Arama Japan (press release)
During a segment featuring AKB48's election, she says that society feed girls the idea that “making the most of your feminine assets and winning male admiration brings you ultimate happiness.” During the handshake portion of the Harajuku Monogatari&nbsp.

2NE1 Vs. Girls' Generation: K-Pop Girl Group Battle Raging on the Charts
Both releases are expected to debut in the top five of Billboard's World Albums chart next week. Girls' Generation released its EP on Feb. 24, while 2NE1's full-length dropped three days later on Feb. 27. Curiously, neither released a music video for their.

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Then, Oh My Girl show up below, crying out that one whole chicken just isn't enough to satisfy, and voila, a new menu item consisting of three different flavors is born! You can also catch Yoo Jae Suk and Oh My Girl full of smiles in the behind the.

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Following up on their debut 'Hi! PRISTIN,' PRISTIN has come out with a sizzling comeback to heat up your summer. The title is 'SCHXXL OUT,' and their concept is skipping school. There are five tracks on their second EP, and this time the girls had a.

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Meet the slam poets who pack quite a feminist punch with their raw and honest words on gender bias and disparity When 19-year-old Aranya Johar wrote and performed her poem, 'A Brown Girl's Guide ... Johar is part of a new generation of female poets who.