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SKE48 reveals PV preview + information for their new single, "Kataomoi Finally"!
During their handshake event for "Okie Dokie" at the Nagoya Port Messe in Aichi on December 18th, idol group SKE48 revealed new information about their upcoming single "Kataomoi Finally"! After performing the song "Okie Dokie", member Matsui Jurina turned.

Jurina Matsui
While in sixth grade, Matsui auditioned with SKE48 in July 2008 and was selected [1] with 22 other participants. The group debuted on October 5. In the same year, at age 11, she took part in the recording of AKB48's single "Ōgoe Diamond" and was selected.

SKE48 Hits the Road with 47-Prefecture Tour with Attached Documentary Film
SKE48 gets the birthday surprise of a lifetime as plans for ... and teams featuring a setlist with favorites such as Aitakatta, Dear My Teacher, Hanikami Lollipop, Tsuyokimonoyo, Kataomoi Finally, 1! 2! 3! 4! Yoroshiku, and Te wo Tsunaginagara.

JKT48 WrapUp: 5th single details, Sousenkyo voting method, Team KIII’s Seishun Girl’s shonichi & many more
2 types of JKT48’s 5th single are available for the fans to purchase …and also a surprise 2nd MV Hanikami Lollipop, performed by JKT48 Undergirls. This song was initially sung / performed by SKE48’s Shirogumi. This is the first time JKT48 used the.

Aya Shibata
Shibata passed SKE48's 4th generation auditions in September 2010. Her audition song was "Stay with me" by Kaoru Amane. [2] On December 6, 2010, she was selected to form Team E. She went on a hiatus from February 2011 to March 2011. In April 2013.

List of songs recorded by AKB48
This is a list of songs recorded by the Japanese girl groups AKB48 , SKE48 , NMB48 , HKT48 , NGT48 , SDN48 , Nogizaka46 and Keyakizaka46 , their members and subgroups, alphabetized by the romanized title of the song. Works released after graduation are not.

not yuko related
Yuko is the most relateable character in Yuri on Ice bc this is also me whenever Viktor is on screen also shout out to Yuuri for being gay and to Yurio for being the only reasonable person in the room.

Jurina Matsui Explained
At the 2012 AKB48 general election to determine the lineup of its 27th single, Matsui placed ninth overall with 45,747 votes, the highest for an SKE48 member. [6] [7] For the next single, "Uza", Matsui was selected to be the center performer along with top.

On Sale JKT48 - Dareka no Tame ni (Sneak Peek)
2008 Japanese television ... ... but the network sometimes offers some "sneak peeks", on ... "Dareka no Tame ni ... SKE48 NMB48 HKT48 NGT48 SNH48 JKT48 乃木坂46 鳥居坂46. 説明AKBINGO! English Translated Lyric] Dempagumi.inc “W.W.D ... Imawa yume.