Harukyan Stage 48 Akb48

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Team 8 AKB48 Menjuarai '1st AKB48 Group Sports Festival' - Today Idol
Tanggal 25 Agustus, AKB48 Grup menggelar event 'Dai-1kai AKB48 Group Dai Undokai' di Tokyo Dome. Dibagi menjadi 4 grup yang terdiri 13 Team, seluruh member bersaing dalam 7 pertandingan. Dan Team 8 AKB48 berhasil keluar sebagai pemenang&nbsp.

Meet AKB48 - the girl band labelled too 'embarrassing' for the Tokyo Olympics
A Japanese all-girl pop group is causing controversy as Olympic officials debate whether to let them perform on stage in 2020 ... The band is named after the Akhibara area of Tokyo (AKB), and the 48 stands for the original number of girls.

Former AKB48 Member Asuka Kuramochi Joins Cast of "Resident Evil" Stage Play
Crunchyroll previously reported on the announcement of the main cast of the BIOHAZARD THE STAGE play that is coming soon to the EX THEATER ROPPONGI in Tokyo. Now a new member has joined the cast: former AKB48 idol Asuka Kuramochi. Asuka Kuromochi will play.

Japanese girl band star at centre of 'child porn' investigation after magazine used picture of her with boy touching her breasts
The photograph, showing AKB48 singer Tomomi Kasai, 21, naked with a blond child cupping her breasts from behind, was to be published in Shukan Young Magazine. Publisher Kodansha was planning to run the photograph, which came from a forthcoming book of.

Guess what?: JKT48 to share stage with AKB48
Girl band JKT48 is slated to collaborate with the Japanese group AKB48 for a concert in February. ' AKB48 are our sisters. Two years ago they came to Indonesia and we were still in training so we couldn' t work with them,' JKT48 member Melody.

Japan’s AKB48, a girl pop group whose lineup is chosen by fans, set to go global
AKB48 raked in more than $200 million in CD sales last year alone. The girls pranced and sang on stage before last week’s vote as their ... shouting “A! K! B! 48!” Fans know exactly when and what to do — like an experienced Kabuki audience that.

AKB48 Finally Gets An Official Music Game Is, Well, The Name Of The Game
Players can put together a group of their favorite AKB48 members and take the smartphone stage. As your rank goes up, you can unlock new stages and songs.

AKB48 to sing national anthem before Giants-Swallows season opener on March 30
If all 48 are there, they could do it live and it would sound fine because the voices would blend and hide any mistakes. Similarly, with 48 people there, someone forgetting the lyrics would be considerably less noticible.

The Next Big Thing in Music: A 60-Member Band Chosen By Its Fans
The highest vote getter earns the center position on stage ... the AKB) where one of the four groups plays daily—tickets are only obtained via lottery since they have proven so popular—the group originally had just three groups and 48 members (so.

AKB48 Team 8 Assemble at Tokyo Idol Festival 2017!
2017 was a big year for the 48Groups and Sakamichi franchises at Tokyo Idol Festival, as not less than 8 of their affiliated acts performed on the main stage! AKB48 Team 8 returned for the second year in a row to bring their love from the 47 prefectures of.

NHK Announces Lineup for Perennial New Year’s Eve Music Show
For this year, four idol groups from the AKB 48 franchise, created by producer Yasushi Akimoto ... with each side taking turns on stage. Guest judges, viewers and the audience will vote at the end to determine which side had the better performance.