Itoshiki Rival Akb48 River

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17 Minutes in Heaven With AKB48
It is also at the panel that someone asks the girls what their favorite AKB48 songs are. Takahashi picks the group's debut single "Sakura no Hanabiratachi," while Maeda looks to the future with the upcoming single "RIVER"; ask them what their favorite.

Princesses or Patriots? China Girl Group Seeks AKB48′s Pop-Idol Crown
Then there’s the question of cultivating a fanatic following to rival AKB48’s loyal legions. The early signs on social media, however, appear bleak. Across Weibo microblogs, many users jeered 56 Flowers for what they describe as clichéd choreography.

Japanese pop star shaves off her hair and makes a tearful public apology for staying night with boyfriend she's forbidden to have
A member of the popular girl band AKB48, Miss Minegishi explained she decided to cut off her long hair immediately after seeing the photos of her leaving 19-year-old Alan Shirahama's house with her face hidden behind a surgical mask and a baseball cap.

Pugs take over Westeros in Game of Thrones video parody…because why not?
The quality of the costumes and backdrops even rival the gorgeous scenery from the real show! Thankfully, the video doesn’t contain any Red or Purple Wedding scenes, so no canines were harmed in the making of this film. Phew! The Imp looking slightly.

Extreme ironing, worm charming, bed racing: Five unusual sports you never knew existed
The latest tournament in Japan went ahead to see which member of popular girl group, AKB48, would be the face of the musical ... can be pushed up inclined hills and is able float across a river. The competition included the Marines, Navy and Army in.

Atlus has announced that Etrian Odyssey V: Beyond the Myth for 3DS arrives in North America on Octob
Atlus has announced that Etrian Odyssey V: Beyond the Myth for 3DS arrives in North America on October 17. The launch edition of the game comes with a music CD and 24-page art book. To celebrate the release date, enjoy a video of the Fencer’s nameplate.

Are these Japanese girl bands the future of pop music?
Formed in 2005, AKB48 is the nation's top-selling girl band, spawning three sister acts in Japan and two abroad. Sony, which has the second- largest share of Japan's music market, started a rival group called Nogizaka 46 last year to compete with AKB48.