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Mayu Tomita Confused With AKB48 Singer After Reported Stabbing By Alleged Stalker Tomohiro Iwazaki; Condition ... - International Business Times
Stabbed idol in critical condition; fan faces charge of attempted murder The Japan Times.

New arcade game lets you get face-to-face with AKB48 members… and shoot them in the face
Starting this April in arcades everywhere, darlings of the idol scene, AKB48 will be making their debut in an arcade ... This zombie army is represented by Yuko Oshima, Mayu Watanabe, Yuki Kashiwagi, Rina Kawaei, Anna Iriyama, Mako Kojima and Miki Nishino.

Manager poisons part-time worker in Japan because of “poor work ethic” - SoraNews24
bafflingly sad is that both of these tragedies could have been easily avoided by a simple firing. Source: Asahi Shimbun, Hachima Kiko Top image: Wikipedia /Harry Rose from South West Rocks, Australia (cropped by SoraNews24) Inset image: Wikipedia /H.

“Otoko no ko” Satsuki tells her story, explains how Japan’s hospitals aren’t trans-ready
We’ve seen several gender stereotype-destroying otoko no ko (girl-boys) recently, from Kaoru Ishima who models as both a man and a woman, to Nong Poy the stunning transgender Thai actress. The latest otoko no ko to take the internet by storm is Satsuki.

AKB48 Announces Tectonic Line-Up Shift
Some of those ex-Wall Street advance modeling mathemagicians must be working for pop mastermind Yasushi Akimoto because the latest AKB48 shake-up looks like real Hari Seldon maneuvering. Leading up to the graduation of Atsuko Maeda, the pop supergroup's.

The AKB48 Arcade Game Is Pretty Much AKB48 House Of The Dead
Before you head out to on your mission you can pick one unzombified AKB48 member as a partner. Ryoka Oshima, Mayu Watanabe, Yuki Kashiwagi, Rina Kawaei, Anna Iriyama, Haruna Kojima, and Miki Noshino are confirmed as partner characters. Of course.

AKB48: Japanese Girlgroup Attacked With A Saw
And so, to Japan, where two members of hugely popular Japanese pop group AKB48 were left hospitalised after a fan attacked them with a saw. Rina Kawaei and Anna Iriyama, both teenagers, were meeting with fans in Takizawa on Sunday, when a man lunged at.

Mann attackiert Girlgroup mit 50-cm-Säge - 20 Minuten Online
Tiefe Schnittwunden an Kopf und Armen, gebrochene Knochen: So die blutige Bilanz eines Fan-Events der japanischen Girlgroup AKB48 . Zwei Mitglieder, Rina Kawaei (19) und Anna Iriyama (18), wurden während eines öffentlichen Auftritts im Norden&nbsp.

Cult responsible for sarin gas attacks lives on, still doesn't like Japanese government - RocketNews24
In the years since the 1995 sarin gas attack on the Tokyo subway, Aum Shinrikyo–a identified by numerous world groups as a terrorist group–has changed their name, denounced violence, and publicly distanced themselves from their dark past. But if a July.

Latest Atmosphere News
Rina Kawaei, 19, and Anna Iriyama ... According to the Liverpool Echo, text on the Wikipedia page for Hillsborough has been changed from computers within Government. The paper asserts that in 2009, "Blame Liverpool Fans" was added to the page, and.

Japanese pop singers attacked with saw at fan event
Two members of Japanese girl group AKB48 were hospitalized on Sunday after they were viciously attacked by a saw-wielding thug. Rina Kawaei, 19, and Anna Iriyama, 18, both suffered broken bones in their right hand as well as cuts to the arms and head.

In Japan, Teenage Girls Folding Paper Cranes Has Taken on a Whole New Meaning - VICE News
The tolerance for JK business also arguably extends to AKB48 , an enormously popular all-girl "idol" group. (Idols are young starlets who are singers, actresses, models, and TV personalities, and whose public personas emphasize a girlish cuteness.)&nbsp.

Russian crocodile hospitalized after woman falls on it - ROCKETNEWS24
It's one of those tragic accidents that seems to replay itself far too often. Not a week goes by that I don't open up the newspaper and hear yet again about how a crocodile has been injured by a woman not wearing her seatbelt. Whelp, here we go again….

Meet AKB48 - the girl band labelled too 'embarrassing' for the Tokyo Olympics - Telegraph.co.uk
This year AKB48 hit the international press when two members were attacked by a man carrying a saw at one of the band's handshake events. Rina Kawaei , 19, and Anna Iriyama, 18, both escaped with broken bones, cuts on their arms and heads caused by&nbsp.