Kareha No Station Acchan Akb48

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Hikari TV, a video distribution service started an AKB48 TV program, which revolves around the ... s Request Hour Set List for 2 years straight; her own solo song “Kareha no Station”. Takayanagi Akane, Team KII’s captain, select the song “Omatase.

sekai ga naiteru nara
For me to be able to sing “Kareha no Station” and graduation solo song is enough ... Please don’t endure it alone” We both had been in AKB48 together. We also told each other “let’s try our best for SKE” - Talking about this, on “Ongaku.

Keyakizaka46, Sexy Zone, GENERATIONS, and More Perform on Music Station for April 14
E-girls, Kanjani8, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, and More Perform on Music Station for January 27 7 months ago ℃-ute, Sexy Zone, Dream Ami, and More Perform on Buzz Rhythm for April 7 4 months ago GENERATIONS and Takahashi Yu Perform on CDTV for April 15 4 months ago.

AKB48 Request Hour Set List Best 200 #50 – #1 2014
The countdown comes to a close as the AKB48 Request Hour Set List Best 200 2014 [「AKB48リクエストアワー セットリストベスト200 2014」tops off its concert series at the Saitama Super Area yesterday and with it crowning a new fan favorite.

AKB48 looks back on the year of 2012 with their new documentary film
On January 21st, premiere screening for AKB48's newest documentary film "DOCUMENTARY OF AKB48 NO FLOWER WITHOUT RAIN Shoujo tachi wa ... to come that far to the Tokyo Dome, the sadness that Acchan was graduating...it was the first time for me to shed.

Atsuko Maeda posters displayed in Akihabara in run-up to her 'graduation' from AKB48
The upcoming "graduation" of AKB48 member Atsuko Maeda, 21, is being commemorated by a "photograph exhibition" at JR Akihabara Station. The "graduation," a word used by the idol group's management as a euphemism for quitting or leaving the group.

Toyota Stadium Glows SKE48 Orange During Day 2 of Rena Matsui’s Graduation Concert!
This was followed up by a surprise appearance by Yuria Kizaki (who had been transferred to AKB48 in 2014) who returned to a ... followed by Rena’s soft yet emotional solo “Kareha no Station”. The pace shifted back into high gear with “1.

Kawaei Rina to appear in TV commercial for Cup Noodle Real vol.3!!!
As AKB48, or as an individual person, what should I/we aim at for the next? But once I find it, I will stick to it. Matsui Jurina – Nisshin Cupnoodle “REAL” – Type-A (In the bus for Nagoya Station ... that I have no leisure to regret.

AKB48 Request Hour Setlist Best 1035 2015
AKB48 Request Hour Setlist Best 1035 2015 (AKB48リクエストアワー ... She sang Yume no Kawa along with Minegishi Minami, Takahashi Minami and Kojima Haruna. In addition to Acchan, Masuda Yuka (ex DiVA) and Tsukamoto Mariko (ex Otona AKB48.

Bara no Toge Playlist
Just thought of making a collection of songs that I feel can reflect and tell the story of Bara no Toge. Whether it be events or character’s emotions, I just made a list of songs I feel fit the overall tone and image for the series. 00.) Kagayaku sora no.