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Mayu Watanabe Selected as Center for AKB48’s 50th Single!
Ogino (NGT48 Team NIII), Yui Oguri (AKB48 Team 8), Yuki Kashiwagi (AKB48 Team B/NGT48 Team NIII), Rena Kato (AKB48 Team B), Rie Kitahara (NGT48 Team NIII), Mako Kojima (AKB48 Team 4), Haruka Kodama (HKT48 Team H/AKB48 Team K), Rino Sashihara (HKT48.

AKB48's Rie Kitahara Stars in Film Inspired by Baki Manga
Graffreeter Toki comedy began as stage play that paid homage to Grappler Baki martial arts manga The film is based on the March 2011 stage play of the same name, which in turn drew inspiration from the Grappler Baki manga. The "comedy of bravery and.

Not Yet aren’t ready to take the AKB48 crown
Not Yet features AKB48 members Yuko Oshima, Rie Kitahara and Yui Yokoyama, along with HKT48 standout Rino Sashihara. As a four-piece, they gain the advantage of not having to compete with 25 other women singing at once, which gives Not Yet’s songs a.

Japan pop fans go crazy for democracy
TOKYO – The election debate that raged across Japan for weeks has been settled, campaigners are packing up their things and TV pundits are moving on to different topics – all-girl group AKB48 has a new president. Pictures of teary-eyed 23-year-old Yuko.

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Watanabe Mayu will be the center for AKB48's 50th single
The 28 senbatsu members for this single are as follows: Iriyama Anna / Okada Nana / Okabe Rin / Ogino Yuka / Oguri Yui / Obata Yuna / Kashiwagi Yuki / Kato Rena / Kitahara Rie / Kojima Mako / Kodama Haruka / Sashihara Rino / Shiroma Miru / Suda Akari.

“SMAP x SMAP” Decides One Piece King
and AKB48 members Takahashi Minami, Kitahara Rie, and Sashihara Rino. “ONE PIECE” is SMAP’s own Inagaki Goro and Kusanagi Tsuyoshi will be present to represent viewers who don't watch the popular shonen pirate anime. The episode is tied to a.

Minami Minegishi, Japanese AKB48 Popstar Weeps & Shaves Head After Breaking Band Rules & Having A Boyfriend (VIDEO)
One of the original members of the girl band AKB48, Minami Minegishi was caught out after a tabloid newspaper published photographs of her leaving her boyfriend's apartment. According to Japan Daily Press, the pictures show Minegishi disguised in a face.

Shocked at the Japanese pop star who shaved her head for having a boyfriend and betraying band rules? Look around you
Minegishi, who was photographed leaving boyband dancer Alan Shirahama’s apartment, is part of the phenomenally successful girl band AKB48. Tickets to the band’s nightly shows are so sought-after they are allocated through a lottery. The band is divided.

AKB48 to do PR for 'Vibrant Japan' campaign in China
Rie Kitahara, 20, Yui Yokoyama, 19, and Tomomi Itano, 20, attended the launch event with Gemba. Itano said the girls will do their best to assure Chinese people that Japan is a great place to visit. AKB48 has a huge following in China. The group will visit.