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AKB48 Idols Star in Sailor Zombie Shooting Arcade Game
Along with fighting large monsters and curing members of AKB48 from the zombie infestation, there are also in-game rhythm games that must be completed at random points throughout the story. "Gingham Check" and "Flying Get" are among the four songs available.

Guess what?: JKT48 rules Indonesia' s iTunes chart
JAKARTA: Idol group JKT48' s debut album, Gingham Check, has made it to the number two spot on Indonesia ... JKT48 is a local version of Japan-based idol group AKB48. It has a cult following of adult and middle-aged men fascinated with the cute.

The gingham style!
From the emblem of Tokyo Olympics to global fashion runways, check patterns are making their ... fashion conscious President Obama wore a gingham shirt at a White House event recently. And Japanese girl group AKB48 used this fabric as the theme for its.

Yuko Oshima to star as tough cop in TV drama
Former AKB48 singer Yuko Oshima will play a tough policewoman in the upcoming TBS drama "YAMEGOKU -Yakuza Yamete Itadakimasu" (Please stop being a yakuza). In the drama, she handles requests over a special hotline from yakuza who wish to go straight.

AKB48 “Tsugi no Ashiato”
the group fine-tuned its default pep on “Gingham Check” and even got a little thunderous on the George A. Romero-gone-J-pop track “Uza.” Not all the Oricon-topping releases were good — “So Long” says it all in the title — yet it was AKB48.

The AKB48 Arcade Game Is Pretty Much AKB48 House Of The Dead
Of course, Sailor Zombie: AKB48 Arcade Edition has a music part. There’s a rhythm portion with four songs including Flying Get and Gingham Check where the zombie idols dance. Sailor Zombie: AKB48 Arcade Edition is slated for release in April 2014.

VIDEO: AKB48 Battles Giant Monsters, Ghosts, and Each Other in New PV
Music videos from the Japanese idol juggernaut known as AKB48 tend to come in two flavors: either very forgettable or mind-scrambling eye candy. Happy, the new PV for AKB’s latest single “Gingham Check” falls into the latter category, and comes chock.

Japanese girl band singers suffer horrific hand and head injuries after crazed fan attacks them with a 50-centimetre SAW
We requested everyone spread their hands and arms for security check purposes before coming into contact with AKB48 members', a company spokesman said.