Lirik Akb48 Beginner Translate

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J-Pop Summit 2017 Announces Festival Programming Live Music Concert Performances and Other Key Events
Babyraids Japan – a pop idol group renowned for their fascinating and exciting live performances Misaki Iwasa - a former member of the massively popular Japanese female idol group AKB48 ... West – “Comusumegane:” Translate lyrics sung in concerts.

Itano's 'graduation' from AKB48 leaves only 3 original members
I have mixed feeling related with AKB48. Lots and lots of girls that are manipulated by big record companies to keep the perverted old man dream of cute and innocent girl. Plus all the restrictions about not having a boyfriend and stuff.. On the other hand.

BioWare Announces New IP, Anthem
Here’s a brief teaser of BioWare’s next big new game, a brand new intellectual property called Anthem. Not much to say just yet, but EA says we’ll see more of it at Microsoft’s press conference tomorrow.