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Meet AKB48 - the girl band labelled too 'embarrassing' for the Tokyo Olympics -
Lyrics include the mind-boggling “Come here Labrador dog, after long last, let me hold you tight,” and “fortune cookie of my heart.” Most of their songs ... It means AKB48 is one the largest pop groups in the world, and its fan base is even bigger.

Skada healing and dmg meter
Hey so I've been making videos of fights and I have only been able to show dps through skada ... configuration is one window on current fight damage, a second window on either total damage or current fight healing, depending on what I'm interested in.

Six ways science-minded and art-minded Japanese people see the world differently - ROCKETNEWS24
Just as you can broadly divide academic subjects into arts and sciences, in Japan people are often referred to as being “science-type” or “art-type,” with the first describing someone who holds everything up to the light of logic, and the latter for.

Baseball players like Frozen too: “Let It Go” chosen for Spring Koshien baseball tournament - RocketNews24
That's it, we've seen it all now! The lead song, “Let It Go!” from Disney's Frozen has really taken over Japan now (in case you weren't already 100 percent positive that it had)! We already knew that it was the only song to breach the top 20 karaoke.

The fuel for Japan’s pedophiles
Amazon Japan, Yahoo! Shopping and Rakuten, Japan's top Internet shopping networks, are exploiting children. That’s right. Young children. I am a mother of three kids, ages 6 and under. On October 6, with my kids next to me, I typed the keyword “candy.

TOP 6 Lagu Jepang Pilihan Pekan Ini (22-28 Maret 2015) - Showbiz, Tokyo Pekan ini menjadi waktu yang sangat tepat bagi Anda untuk beraktivitas demi mewujudkan rencana-rencana sebelumnya. Pada minggu lalu, kita ditemani oleh berbagai judul lagu Jepang yang bisa menenangkan pikiran atau&nbsp.

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In Japan, Teenage Girls Folding Paper Cranes Has Taken on a Whole New Meaning - VICE News
The frequently rotating members — AKB48 has as many as 88 at a time, all ranked according to their popularity with fans — sing pop songs with provocative lyrics and pose on magazine covers in bikinis. Members are forbidden to have sex or date. In.

Derek Jeter Ties Lou Gehrig for New York Yankees Hit Record
Derek Jeter has tied the New York Yankees record for hits held by Lou Gehrig . Jeter singled in the seventh inning for his third hit Wednesday night against Tampa Bay, matching Gehrig with 2,721 hits in a Yankees uniform.

KBG84: Japan's new 'girl band', average age 84 - The Guardian
Hailing from the remote, coral-fringed island of Kohama in Okinawa, KBG84 – a play on the name of saccharine teeny boppers AKB48 – admit to being slightly bemused by their success after cutting their first disc and completing a sellout Japan tour.

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