List Of All Akb48 Members

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Fan of AKB48 faces charges over mountain of discarded CDs
DAZAIFU, Fukuoka Prefecture--A bumbling fan of AKB48 has admitted to dumping hundreds of CDs here following a cross-country plot to sway the annual popularity contest of the all-female idol ... to vote for their favorite members of the group, a contest.

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AKB48 Spawns NGT48 Sister Idol Group in Niigata
A video at the evening session of the "AKB48 Request Hour Set List Best 1035 2015" event made the annoucement at Tokyo Dome City Hall on Sunday. Auditions for the first generation of NGT48 members will begin in March. A new theater will debut along with.

AKB48: Saw-wielding man Satoru Umeta jailed for attack on Japanese girl band
A man who attacked two members of Japanese girl ... having shown no prior interest in AKB48's music. AKB48 - an abbreviation of the Tokyo district of Akihabara - is one of the most successful acts of all time in monetary terms. Part pop act and part.

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Man who slashed AKB48 members gets 6-year sentence in Japan
TOKYO (AP) — A man who slashed two members ... All three were hospitalized overnight. According to Kyodo, the presiding judge said the 24-year-old Umeta attacked them because he was frustrated over not being able to find a job. Established in 2005, AKB48.

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Taiwanese schoolgirl uniforms getting insanely cute, we suspect anime, AKB48 influences
Apparently, there’s some sort of AKB48 ... of many an all-girl idol group, although if you ask us there does seem to be a kind of plastic-y, Halloween costume sort of quality to this uniform. According to at least one crucial panel member, the reasons.