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Japan pop fans go crazy for democracy
Anyone was allowed to vote in the election – as long as they bought a copy of AKB48’s most recent single “Manatsu no Sounds Good!” (a mixture of Japanese and English that defies sensible translation, but has something to do with summer.

AKB48 “Tsugi no Ashiato”
In the spring of 2012, then-most-popular AKB48 member Atsuko Maeda announced her impending graduation from the idol institution. Her departure sparked a stretch of strong releases, starting with the last single Maeda featured on, “Manatsu no Sounds Good!”.

Working to Make Everyone’s Dream Come True Until the End: Mayu Watanabe Graduation Concert
Once all the 17,000 fans took their seats, projection mapping of 7 golden eagles symbolizing the famous AKB48 Kami 7 filled the giant ... with Mayuyu one after another on “Manatsu Sounds Good!”, “Kimi no Koto ga Suki Dakara”, and “Kibouteki.

Is AK48’s Chinese sister group even cuter than the original? Our reporter thinks so!
These singles are all Chinese-language covers of previous AKB48 singles, including their latest release on May 15–the Chinese version of “Manatsu no Sounds Good!” (盛夏好声音). Now, I’m not someone easily swayed by the cutesy “charms” of.

AKB48 win top award at Japan Record Awards
AKB48 picked up the gong for their single "Manatsu no Sounds Good!" at the New National Theater in Tokyo on Sunday night. The win followed their success in 2011 with "Flying Get." AKB48 member Minami Takahashi took the stage to accept the award.

AKB48, Carly Rae Jepsen Win Big at Billboard Japan Music Awards
The Billboard ... points. AKB48 went home with the same four awards that they won last year, including Artist of the Year, Top Pop Artist, Hot 100 of the Year and Hot 100 Single Sales of the Year, the latter two for "Manatsu no Sounds Good.

Monster Hunter, Mario, And Miku Mingle In New Taiko: Drum Master
Taiko no ... "Manatsu no Sounds Good" and "Heavy Rotation" from AKB48. "Let’s Go! Phantom Girl Thieves Z" from Momoiro Clover Z and "Linda Linda" from The Blue Hearts. Read more stories about Taiko no Tatsujin: Super Splendid Edition & Wii on Siliconera.

VIDEO: Watch the New AKB48 PV, “Manatsu no Sounds Good!”
After all the hubbub this week over AKB48’s controversial mouth-to-mouth candy TV commercial, what a relief it is to see Japan’s number one idol group get back to what they do best: making fan-service friendly music videos! “Manatsu no Sounds Good!”.

Japan: AKB48 annual elections only a week away
The election requires voters to fill out a ballot which is included with copies of AKB’s latest single, Manatsu no Sounds Good! And with CDs selling for 1200 yen (US$15.23), it’s easy to see the Japan Times’ point of view. But it gets better.

Screams, tears as Japan fans choose pop group leader
the crowning of a new leader of Japanese girl pop group AKB48, who was chosen by fans in a nationwide ... a copy of the group's latest single - this time with the title "Manatsu no Sounds Good," which mingles Japanese and English and roughly translates.