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One finalist for AKB48 draft this year is just 11 years old
Japan’s 140-member supergroup AKB48 is holding its second annual draft next month, in which sub-teams will choose new members from a draft of 48 young hopefuls. And among the finalists is one of the youngest potential members the group has ever seen.

Bertelsmann Annual Report 2009
Arvato is one of the leading internationally networked media and communication service providers. More than 60,000 employees design and implement bespoke solutions for all kinds of business processes through integrated service chains, serving business.

François-Philippe Charpentier
His first discovery was that of a purely mechanical process for engraving in aquatint ( gravure au lavis ) and in colour. Wash-drawings and water-colours were copied with marvellous exactitude, sketches by the great masters were reproduced by his machine.

KBG84: Meet Japan's new girl band - whose members have an average age of 84
KBG84 – a play on teeny boppers AKB48 – have an average age of 84. The pensioners have played to sell-put ... But she is not particularly fussy about her diet. Eldest member, 97-year-old Haru Yamashiro, said: “I look after my health by cleaning.

AKB0048: Season 1
The ultimate goal of most of the girls is to become one of the successors, the core members ... on actual AKB48 choreography, too. The series even flirts with the criticism that the group has taken for its risqué music videos in its gravure (roughly.

The mind behind Piko Taro (Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen) just got married!
At that point, Kosaka was best known as a comedian popping up on a few TV shows and commercials, while Yasueda was an emerging gravure model. The two met through work assignments, and have been together since. They were legally married last week.

Pack Expo Shines Spotlight on Global Packaging Innovations
About PMMI PMMI is a trade association with more than 550 member companies that manufacture packaging and packaging-related converting machinery, commercially-available packaging machinery components, containers and materials in the United States and Canada.

The Weird Stuff That Happens When You're An NBA 2K Commentator
NBA broadcaster Kevin Harlan should be famous for his work on actual live basketball games. Turns out for a lot of people he’s known as being the only voice they ever hear coming out of a video game. “We’ve got the youngest of our four (kids), he’s.

The cute ‘n’ kooky world of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, Japan’s newest pop idol
For many, however, a pinprick of light emerged from the shade of not-quite-as-influential-as-it-was Tokyo fashion hub of Harajuku this July with the release of “Ponponpon,” a song by fashion model-cum-singer Kyary Pamyu Pamyu (her label, Warner Music.