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The Idolmaster Shiny Festa Service Ending Blowout Sale Begins - Siliconera
Each one of The Idolmaster Shiny Festa entries stars specific idols. Harmonic Score stars Haruka, Chihaya, Ritsuko, and Azusa. Melodic Disc stars Miki , Makoto, Takane, and Yukiho. Rhythmic Record's idols are Iori, Hibiki, Yayoi, Ami, and Mami. Each.

New arcade game lets you get face-to-face with AKB48 members… and shoot them in the face
Starting this April in arcades everywhere, darlings of the idol scene, AKB48 will be making their debut in an arcade ... Anna Iriyama, Mako Kojima and Miki Nishino. All of them are beautifully rendered in 3D, aside from their complexions.

FEATURE: Fanart Friday – Lessons in Idolatry
And to finish up, here's a reminder that there are a whole lot of idols out there—and the way the anime industry is going right now, it seems we can expect more in the future. As I said before, I'm pretty glad about this. Hopefully, if you weren't before.

The AKB48 Arcade Game Is Pretty Much AKB48 House Of The Dead
Before you head out to on your mission you can pick one unzombified AKB48 member as a partner. Ryoka Oshima, Mayu Watanabe, Yuki Kashiwagi, Rina Kawaei, Anna Iriyama, Haruna Kojima, and Miki Noshino are confirmed as partner characters. Of course.

Trolls or media watchdogs?: Japan’s foreign-born defenders
When Miki Dezaki, an American teacher of Japanese parentage ... complexity become the victims in a highly polarized discourse over media bias. Japan’s foreign-born defenders and detractors appear committed to an often toxic online war that might be.

Live-Action Itazura na Kiss Sequel's Opening Streamed
The video features model and actress Honoka Miki (Suzuki-sensei, Maria Watches Over Us) as Kotoko and Yūki Furukawa (High School Debut, Rich Man, Poor Woman) as Naoki, as the couple goes on dates throughout the streets of Tokyo. The girl band Cyntia.

DramaFever 2nd Awards Show To Be Held May 1 In New York
DramaFever's fans generated over 500,000 votes in under a month of voting last year, according to DramaFever's wikipedia page. This year, the voting platform got even bigger. Fans and viewers had 6 weeks until March 31, 2014 to vote on each of the.