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Shock-rock act Dir En Grey snub cartoons for cred
J-pop acts such as Puffy and AKB48 and visual-kei ... That’s a subject Dir En Grey know all about. Formed in 1997 from the ashes of La:Sadie’s, the previous unit of Toshiya’s bandmates — Kyo (vocals), Kaoru (guitar), Die (guitar) and Shinya.

Diomedea's Mayoiga TV Anime Reaches Crowdfunding Goal
He handles his classwork flawlessly, and he has a nice appearance. He understands Mitsumune well. Kaoru Sakura (Dance with Devils, Durarara!!×2 Shō) as 24-year-old graduate student Koharun. She is studying Nanakimura for her school's lab. Tatsuhisa.

What happens to Japanese porn stars after they retire?
In an interview with Atsuhiko Nakamura, author of books such as “The Nameless Women” and interviewer of literally hundreds of AV actresses, Shuplay News uncovered some startling ... Just over two years ago, former AKB48 idol Rina Nakanishi was reported.

"Confessions" a highly stylized, powerful thriller
She accuses two students from her class, science prodigy Shuya (Yukito Nishii) and wimpy loner Naoki (Kaoru ... the news intensify the sense of social atrophy. Despite the script’s liberties with the text -- like reshuffling the order of the confessions.

Crunchyroll Adds "The Lost Village" to Spring Anime Season!
Taku Yashiro as Hayato, a 16 year old student known for being studious and handsome. He gets along well with Mitsumune. Kaoru Sakura as Koharun, a 24 year old graduate student looking to study the village of Nanakimura as research for her university's.

AKB48 Make History At Billboard Japan Music Awards
All-girl group AKB48 were the big winners at the third annual Billboard Japan Music Awards in Tokyo on Saturday (03Mar12 ... of the Year), Miyamoto Emiri (Classic Artist of the Year) and Kaoru to Tomoki, Tama ni Mook (New Artist). Please type a name.