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Musician Ian McCulloch flees Japan amid US-North Korea tensions, show cancelled without warning - RocketNews24
These days many of us in Japan are going about our daily lives contemplating, “Exactly how much would Kim Jong-un like to fire a nuclear missile at Japan ?” He really seems to want to get one all the way to North America, and technically he's at war.

Prefectural capital building in Japan has a moat, ready for mobs of invaders or zombies - SoraNews24
Japanese prefectural capital buildings, like governments and city councils around the world, have emergency plans for natural disasters, epidemics or other excrement-hits-the-fan situations that could possibly arise. Perhaps that explains the location.

Adorable, edible dog buttholes are part of this new take on traditional Japanese sweets - SoraNews24
Mitarashi dango are one of Japan's favorite traditional sweets. As pictured above, they're bite-sized dumplings made with sticky rice flour, skewered and served with a sweet, sticky glaze. Their name is a bit of an oddity, though. Sure, “dango” just.

Government survey reveals Japanese life expectancy at highest ever, second highest in the world - SoraNews24
Japan has long been known as a country with one of the longest average lifespans. Quite often the oldest people in the world are Japanese , including the oldest woman who died at the age of 117 in 2015, and the oldest man who died at 116 in 2013.

Japan’s AKB48, a girl pop group whose lineup is chosen by fans, set to go global
TOKYO — AKB48 is not exactly a band. It’s an army of girls-next-door, ranked by its fans, and after taking Japan by storm it’s getting ready to go global. More than 60 girls and young women, split into four teams, make up what is arguably Japan’s.

Thai sister group for Japan's AKB48 all-girl pop group - Bangkok Post
according to Wikipedia here. music /913000/japans- akb48 -all-girl-pop-group-to-get-thai-sister akb48 -spawns-thai-filipina-sister-acts/#.Vvjlf.

Criminal discovered living in between arcade games in a Japanese amusement arcade - SoraNews24
According to Kobe Shimbun newspaper (the same paper that brought us news of a man attacking people looking at their phone screens while they walked), a 30-year-old man of no fixed abode was arrested recently on suspicion of trespass for living in an&nbsp.

Japanese Kaki No Tane snacks declared “space food” by JAXA - SoraNews24
So it is with great pleasure that I announce that Kaki No Tane has been officially certified “Space Japanese Food” by the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA). This means that it will be sent with Japanese astronauts to help boost and maintain.

Manager poisons part-time worker in Japan because of “poor work ethic” - SoraNews24
On the evening of 9 November the 30-year-old manager of an izakaya ( Japanese -style pub) in Himeji City served a rice bowl to a member of his staff. However, this was no ordinary serving of rice and vegetables. Inside were the seeds of the datura plant.

Take your singing to new heights on the world's first karaoke Ferris wheel in Tokyo - SoraNews24
The Ferris wheel itself has been in existence for over a decade at Tokyo Dome City, an extensive amusement complex in Tokyo's Bunjyo Ward. 60 meters (200 feet) in diameter, the Big O, as the Ferris wheel is called, was registered as the world's largest&nbsp.

Nara, Japanese city famous for its streets of tame deer, begins culling program within city - SoraNews24
However, even that is too many in the opinion of the Japan Bear and Forest Society, which is based in Hyogo Prefecture. Speaking to the media, the society's chairwoman, Mariko Moriyama, said that the organization feels that “the needless killing is a.

Arashi Tops Nikkei Entertainment's Musical Act Ranking for the Sixth Year in a Row - Arama Japan (press release) (blog)
Nikkei Entertainment has released its “Talent Power Ranking” list for 2017. We now have the top 30 list for musical acts. Arashi tops the list for the sixth year in a row. TOKIO is #2, rising from last year's #3. Southern All Stars rounds out the top 3.

Japanese Pop Idol Shaves Her Head In SHAME After A Sex Scandal!
Paparazzi caught a young man sneaking out of a beautiful young Japanese pop-star's apartment one ... the first thing that I went through my head was that “I don’t want to leave AKB48.” This is a place where my dear members, who I spent my blossom.