Nagoya Dome Ske48 Funny

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Matsuno Brothers Team Up with Japan's National Baseball Team
The March 5 game will take place at Nagoya Dome, while the March 6 match takes place at Kyōcera Dome in Osaka. NPB Enterprise, the company that is planning the collaboration, says that it chose Mr. Osomatsu due to the anime's popularity across several.

Nagoya Seimei Shrine
Nagoya Seimei Shrine is located in Nagoya ... Incidentally came to Nagoya Dome, so here come from outside to a little messy if you have enough time to pray about it?. I think the flame look Fox (located in a residential area, there is no parking so.

Nintendo Switch to be playable at the World Hobby Fair ’17 Winter, RTX Sydney
Nagoya (Nagoya Dome): January 22nd (9AM to 4PM) Tokyo (Makuhari Messe): January 28th and January 29th (9AM to 4PM) Osaka (Kyocera Dome): February 5th (9AM to 4PM) Fukuoka (Fukuoka Yahuoku! Dome): February 12th (9AM to 4PM) Also, it was announced this.

AKB48 to have concerts on 5 major domes + new team shuffle
Before this, it has been decided that Kitahara Rie will transfer to SKE48 K-II, but apparently that will be null as she is to be assigned to AKB48 only. This also caused much confusion among the SKE48 girls. Other mention worthy members are Yokoyama Yui.

AKB48 performing 3-day concert series at Seibu Dome
The concert series mark the girls' first ever three-day dome performance. Members from AKB48, as well as members from affiliate groups NMB48, based in Osaka's Namba, SKE48, based in Sakae, Nagoya, and Not Yet are also performing at the event. In all.

SKE48 at Tokyo Girls Collection in Nagoya 2012
SKE48 will take part in Tokyo Girls Collection in Nagoya 2012 on September 1. Tokyo Girls Collection in Nagoya is one of the biggest fashion festivals in Japan. Besides fashion, the event also offers contents related to music, entertainment, beauty and more.

SKE48 & HKT48 hold a Joint Handshake Event in Nagoya Dome
To celebrate the release of SKE48‘s 14th single “Mirai towa? (What Is The Future?)”, and HKT48’s 3rd single “Sakura Minna de Tabeta (Cherry Blossoms, We All Ate Together)”, a joint handshake event was held at the Nagoya Dome in Aichi prefecture.

SKE48 and HKT48 Joint Handshake Event at Nagoya Dome
A massive joint handshake event yesterday at the Nagoya Dome united the SKE48 and HKT48 groups for the first time. This joint handshake event was held on April 19th at Nagoya Dome. The event was held to celebrate the release of HKT48’s 3rd single.

WrapUp: SKE48 Nagoya Dome Concert – Day 1 and Day 2 Report
It is with deep regret that I cannot write this any faster, however, with the fever gone, I can finally write something dedicated for the two days concert of SKE48 in Nagoya Dome, their dream stage!It was a huge success! The setlists may have already been.

SKE48 to hold their first independent concert at Nagoya Dome
Nagoya-based AKB48 sister group SKE48 will be holding their first independent concert at Nagoya Dome on February 2nd of next year. This surprise announcement was made on August 17th during the 2nd Nagoya concert of AKB48's 5 major dome tour. The crowd.