Nemousu Tv Akb48 Aitakatta

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New AKB48 Franchise Opens Shop in Shanghai
The 'AKB48 Shanghai Fan Meeting' also featured Kojima Haruna, Abe Maria, Natori Wakana, Kawaei Rina, and Suzuki Shihori performing ”Aitakatta“ and "Heavy Rotation." Kojima and other members weren’t previously informed of this announcement.

AKB48 contest DVD to be sent to Yankees pitcher Tanaka
The DVD and Blu-ray version of “The 3rd AKB48 Kohaku Uta Gassen" (annual singing contest between red and white) will be released on April 9 -- and newly signed Yankees pitcher Masahiro Tanaka will be getting a copy in New York. The event itself was held.

Minami Takahashi leaves AKB48 after last live show
Takahashi, 25, who was one of the group’s original members when it launched in 2005, sang with other members such hit songs as “Aitakatta” (“I wanted to see you”). Some 250 fans selected by lottery gathered at the AKB48 Theater in Akihabara.

Time To Rock Your Balls Off
Japanese pop, rather Jpop, is pigeonholed as cute, ear saccharine. That might not exactly be fair. But there's no arguing, sometimes Jpop needs more guitars. More awesome hair. Sometimes it needs more metal. Sometimes Jpop needs more Marty Friedman. Marty.

AKB48's girl power still strong after 10 years
After releasing two independent label CDs, the group made its major-label debut with the single "Aitakatta" ("Wanted to See You"). In 2007, AKB48 made its first appearance on NHK's "Red & White Year-end Song Festival" on New Year's Eve, although it was a.

The Year in Review
While the series does contain some fresh tracks written specifically for the anime, the vast majority of its dozens of insert songs are AKB48 staples, like "Aitakatta," "Heavy Rotation," and of course "River." Those stumbling into it blind should be warned.

10 Of The Weirdest Japanese Pop Videos That’ll Make You Say WTF
Heh. Remember that awesome Numa Numa song? Sorry to have reminded you then. After a particularly viral interpretation of the words in Japanese, it hit mainstream pop. Maeken, a popular drag comedian at the time, did this amazing cover as a schoolgirl with.