New Ship Akb48 Lirik

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Doing it for the Brits! Cat Deeley commands attention in thigh-skimming leather skirt as she make a glamorous appearance at the 2017 Teen Choice Awards
She relocated to California more than a decade ago, but Cat Deeley was representing her home-country as the 2017 Teen Choice Awards kicked off on Sunday evening. The British presenter commanded attention in a thigh-skimming leather miniskirt as she made an.

The case of the AKB48 killer
The same product range became a talking point last year when the ad agency responsible for the campaign introduced Japan to a new AKB48 member named Aimi Eguchi, who was actually a composite containing elements of the existing members' faces blended.

"Arpeggio" Helps "Kan Colle" Celebrate First Chistmas
a holiday sprite for idol ship Sendai Class Light Cruiser Naka (she's ship #48, as in AKB48) and an event team-up with the other set of ship girls from recently anime adapted manga series Arpeggio of Blue Steel. via

Teen Choice Awards Reveals Full List of Nominees — Did Your Favorite 'Ship Make the Cut?
This year's Teen Choice Awards will have fans duking it out to see which 'ship comes out on top. On Wednesday, Fox released the second wave of nominees, which includes five new categories such as Choice Gamer, Choice Changemaker and Choice Latin Song.

AKB48 Female Idol Group Gets 2nd PSP Dating Game
AKB 1/48 Idol to Guam de Koi Shitara… footage shot on location in South Pacific The new game will feature 48 members of the group's Teams A, K, and B (as of June 20) in swimsuit footage shot on location in Guam. The game will ship on October 6 in three.

AKB48 slasher thought to have attacked at random, Iwate police
Police say there is no clear motive for the violent attack on two members of Japanese pop group AKB48. Rina Kawaei, 19, and Anna Iriyama, 18, were meeting with fans in the northern city of Takizawa on Sunday when a man lunged forward and slashed them.

How A Man Born Without Eyes Plays Video Games
While this obviously presents significant challenges to enjoying a medium that’s primarily visual, as the short documentary Gaming Through New Eyes explains, that hasn’t stopped Toby from playing all kinds of games over the decades. He loves playing.

This Week In Sales: [email protected] Shines Again With [email protected] Shiny Festa
Last week saw a slate of new releases in Japan, with Namco Bandai’s The [email protected] Shiny Festa taking the top spot. Shiny Festa was released in three versions—Funky Note, Groovy Tune and Honey Sound—and collectively, they sold 119,132 copies.

Cheap Cocaine Makes South America The Ultimate Tourist Destination
Low grade coke is cheaper in Buenos Aires than bottled water is in New York. In South America cocaine is no longer ... or wish not to access the deepweb. I can ship worldwide and have a 99% shipping success chance to USA, UK and most of common-wealth.

Dancing Governor’s AKB48 Video Goes Viral
Japan’s latest YouTube phenomenon is the dancing governor of Kanagawa. A former news anchor-turned-local leader, Yuji Kuroiwa busts moves to the music of AKB48 in a video promoting both the region around Yokohama and the nation’s most popular girl group.