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World's Grossest Game Show Contest Features 2 Girls Trying to Blow a Roach Into Each Other's Mouths
In Things That No One Ever Asked ... It's probably not hard to guess how you win this game. Hint: You end up without a revolting bug in your mouth. The game show is called AKBingo and features women from the idol group AKB48 playing dodge ball until.

My Marriage? No go area- Aisha Abimbola
So when Anta ... dare. Dem no dey look face? What’s your ideal man like? My ideal man? (Laughs). Do I have to say that. Is there anything like an ideal man?. (laughs) An ideal man has to be God fearing. He has to look good. He has to be rich too? Not.

Japan Delivers: 8 Of The Weirdest Game Show Clips
While most of Japan can be said to be remarkably uncreative (Nintendo being a prime example of Japanese “creativity” on a corporate level), I have to admit that Japanese game shows tend to go where no western network would dare. Here then, is my pick.

Young music fans found their voices in 2015
and Sekai no Owari, and pop group E-girls further into the spotlight. The past 12 months saw the entertainment industry follow suit with teenagers and young 20-somethings — dare we say ... boom that was ushered in by AKB48’s massive success and.

Myanmar's Suu Kyi to visit Japan next week
In a hundred years our great great grand children will study how Suu Kyi, Mandela, Martin Luther King JR, Gandhi (dare ... general, no matter what educational back ground is, were driven by society to learn who Brittney Spears or AKB48 is but not who.

Senegal children face modern-day slavery
During Senegal's four-month winter, the talibés suffer the cold with little or no cover, and, in some cases ... We can eat some of the food we are offered in the street, but we dare not touch the coins … they are for the marabout.

Maya Angelou: The Poetic Mistiness of Death 2
Death, a faceless mask, is not a salesperson, though Death is a barter system, human finiteness for the bowels of the earth! Oh Death, a terrible dancer! The poetic mistiness of Death ... mortal men and women! Let no one dare put Death in a moral.

The Mind of Chinese Men: the Anxiety of Disorientation
Passing the test (or even taking it) was no ... ("dare to be the first"). Confucianism is anti-individualistic. So, too, is its modern incarnation, Chinese communism. Regimented benchmarks of achievement imposed by a rigid social structure do not foster.

Africa: Effects of Colonialism On Africa's Past and Present
Our ancestors built the pyramids which even in this 21st century no one can ... Cheikh Anta Diop has written: "The history of Black Africa will remain suspended in the air and will not be written correctly until African historians dare connect it with.

Hurricane Maria thrusts Dominica leader into spotlight
Maria's "merciless" winds were turning sheet metal into deadly projectiles and "we dare not look out," Skerrit said on Facebook ... after the posts about his roof and rescue. Skerrit is no stranger to the medium. Even before the hurricane hit, his Facebook.