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Not Yet aren’t ready to take the AKB48 crown
General search-engine interest in AKB48 has also dipped. One possible reason for this could be over-saturation, in which case subgroup Not Yet might be paying the price. The quartet’s debut album, “Already,” suffers artistically from this.

Not Yet prepares DVD/Blu-Ray of 2014 Ariake Coliseum Live
It has been announced that AKB48 sub-unit Not yet’s first live “Not yet ‘already’ 2014.5.10 1st LIVE” will be released October 15th. And no, there no additional sad news like there was with DIVA. Available in both Blu-ray and DVD, It will include.

Oshima Yuko and Me
I’m sure plenty of you already know Yuko. She’s currently the most popular member of AKB48 and throughout her career ... ways and seeing more media of her warmed me up to her. Then Not yet was formed, which might just be my favorite subgroup out.

Shelf Life - Dead Girl Walking
Alright, welcome to Shelf Life. As a casual AKB48 fan, it's hard not to automatically get sucked into a show that opens with cute girls dancing to "Aitakatta," arguably ... but in the context of an already logic-stretched show, it's fun and action-packed.

(discus) The situation of oversea 48 sister groups?
Not even 3 months since debut yet, BNK48's fans are seriously scared if the group will ... The point of oversea 48 groups is the success of each group or just to boost the popularity of AKB48? In your opinion, what's wrong with JKT48.

Not yet to Release 1st Album “already” in April!
Not yet, one of AKB48’s subunit consists of Yuko Oshima, Rie Kitahara, Yui Yokoyama, and Rino Sashihara, announced that they will be releasing their first-ever album “already” on April 23. Not yet debut with the single “Shumatsu Not yet” on March.

Not yet "already" updated release details 1st album, PV unveiled
announced her intention to graduate from AKB48 (more details). Her final performances and graduation is set for the March 29th and 30th 2014 at special spring concerts at Kasumigaoka National Stadium. Not yet’s album “already” comes on three editions.

Why Japan is resisting the streaming of music
With good reason: Apple, already a music-tech titan ... Why have Apple and Spotify not yet debuted there? Here are three reasons: Licensing Agreements To launch a music streaming service, you need licensing rights to the music. To get rights to the.

Nogizaka46 Members Star Live-Action CM for "Madoka Magica: Rebellion" BD/DVD
One of the reasons of this collaboration is the Madoka Magica series and Nogizaka46 have one thing ... DREAMS COME TRUE, and AKB48. It has already started airing in Japan from today, but not yet been posted in the web legitimately.

The 48 Japanese Schoolgirls Aiming to Take Over the World
But isn't Japan cool already? Anime, manga ... Morning Musume also split members into smaller bands—a technique AKB48 uses via mini-groups like Not Yet and French Kiss. But AKB48's ambitions have been grander than any of their predecessors.