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Rock, paper scissors and the fierce world of Japanese pop - BBC News
There are some 130 girls, not 48, in AKB48 , and not all of them get to be part of their songs or TV appearances. They gained popularity as ... When an already popular member won the competition in 2013, others asked if it was staged. And despite the.

Taiwanese Band Mayday Talks 20-Year Career - Billboard
Twenty years in, Taiwanese band Mayday is a phenomenon on par with the rock acts of bygone eras. Multiple generations of music listeners have bonded with the five men: lead vocalist and primary songwriter Ashin (Chen Shin Hung), band leader and&nbsp.

Election for Chinese idol group SNH48, spin-off of Japan's AKB48, draws record numbers as owners eye expansion ... - South China Morning Post
SNH48 is now established enough to foster its own idol worship, with no need for associations with Tokyo. The election event was testament to the fervent enthusiasm of the group's fans; even performers from the Beijing, Guangzhou and Shenyang satellite&nbsp.

#1 Song Review: Week of 5/31 – 6/6 (AKB48 v. Namie Amuro) - Arama Japan (press release)
Namie, this should've been an album track, not a single. I know I drag Namie a lot for being an old idol who doesn't contribute to her music, but she does have a number of good songs . Too bad she hasn't had one since “Mint.” This plodding ballad.

Not Yet aren't ready to take the AKB48 crown - The Japan Times
As a four-piece, they gain the advantage of not having to compete with 25 other women singing at once, which gives Not Yet's songs a chance to breathe. ... “ Already ” is the sound of a side project given zero original ideas, cruising forward on old fumes.

Perfume Tops LINE's Female Idol Group Popularity Survey - Arama Japan (press release)
Nogizaka46 has already surpassed AKB48 in terms of popularity and even Keyakizaka46, who deduted one year ago, is very close to them. This is what happens when all popular members are gone and they release cheesy boring singles. No trace of other&nbsp.

AKB48 and Justin Bieber Top Billboard Japan's Year-End Charts - Billboard
1 overall) which made it the No . 1 song on the year-end "Radio Songs " chart, Twitter mentions ( No . 2 overall) and online video view counts ( No . 2 overall). "Zen Zen Zense" also ranked atop the year-end Hot Animation charts and still continues to.

Spreading the Studio Ghibli bug in Indonesia - Nikkei Asian Review
While other Japanese entertainment exports, such as the AKB48 all-girl musical group or the Doraemon manga-anime series have taken off in the southeast Asian country, Ghibli's traditional approach to animation and the measured tone of its productions.

AKB48's '#Sukinanda' Sells Over 1.4 Million Physical Copies to Top Japan Hot 100 - Billboard
quot;#Sukinanda" by AKB48 blasts in at No . 1 on the latest Billboard Japan Hot 100 chart, dated Aug. 28 to Sept. 3, leaving the competition far behind after selling 1,459,446 physical copies in its first week. The girl group came in at No . 4 for Twitter.

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but if you’re already developing visceral reactions when you hear Mariah Carey begin to warble, “I don’t want a lot for Christmas…”, you’re not alone. Many of us can’t stand hearing Christmas music this early in the winter. For us.

Stores Are Already Playing Christmas Music and It's Not Okay
and Sears have all already begun plasting “Frosty The Snowman” from their sound systems. It’s not even Thanksgiving yet! The most egregious offender was Best Buy, which started playing holiday music on Oct. 22—a full nine days before Halloween even.

How triggered shoppers changed stores’ Christmas music strategy
So anyone already stressed out about the holidays — worried about money, traveling or seeing relatives — may not embrace the musical reminder ... of us in recovery,” said Townsend, 48. Yet the holiday music landscape has been changing, experts.

AKB48's Nana Okada Talks to Us About Asagao to Kase-san - MANGA.TOKYO
There are many members of AKB48 and STU48 who love Oku's songs . I myself am a big fan ... If you do not know about the Kase-san series yet , I really hope you will watch the animation clip first, and get interested in the original manga too! I can.

Morning Musume. '17 Debuts at No. 1 on Japan Hot 100; Sexy Zone a Close Second - Billboard
Kenshi Yonezu has become the powerhouse of this year's Japan Hot 100, with six songs still on the tally, including the long-lasting No . 1 hit "Uchiage Hanabi" with DAOKO. His songs tend to collect points through downloads, Twitter and video views, and.