Oki Doki Ske48 18th

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The Reykjavík Grapevine Issue 01 — 2010
I have nothing to say for now. There is enough editorialising in this issue already. Seriously, it’s packed – go read it. Like in our first issue of 2009, we tried to assemble a large cast of folks to comment on what just happened, and what it means.

Bush says N Korea must verify denuclearization
and make demands on the 6 nations is oki doki. Where do you and sarge get your morals. How can one be completely different from the other. What sanctions?, the world sanctioned Iraq as well as NK yet Iraq was the only one invaded. IAEA? They went into Iraq.

A Scientific Rugbytology analysis of Quade Cooper’s performance at Eden Park
Einstein once defined insanity as “dressing up in a bumblebee outfit and hurling faeces at an anthropomorphic octopus riding a unicycle”. While this colourful description has been somewhat diluted through translation over the years, its premise is as.

The 48 Japanese Schoolgirls Aiming to Take Over the World - The Atlantic
Akimoto has expanded his empire with locations and sister groups in the cities of Nagoya ( SKE48 ) and Osaka (NMB48), and introduced a more "mature" unit dubbed SDN48 ("Saturday Night 48"), though the members of that particular iteration are scheduled to.

Ono Haruka to graduate from SKE48
7 Mar – SKE48 senbatsu member Ono Haruka has announced that she will be graduating from SKE48 by the end of March ... chosen to be a senbatsu member for the group's seventh single "Oki Doki' in November 2011.