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AKB48’s Yuko Oshima going solo
Yuko Oshima, a frontline member of the all-girl pop group AKB48, has announced she will leave the band to pursue a solo career. After finishing “Koisuru Fortune Cookie” (“The Fall-in-Love Fortune Cookie”), one of the group’s million sellers from.

Japan pop fans go crazy for democracy
“I don’t think anyone but Yuko Oshima can lead AKB48. I love Yuko because she works hard and always ... share up to 5 gadgets, listen to the news, download as early as 4am & share articles on social media. Call 896 6000.

Fake Japanese Pop Star Surprises Fans
And fans' suspicions grew after Eguchi was also chosen to star in a Glico ad for a candy called Aisu no Mi, and TokyoHive also reported AKB48 singer Oshima Yuko posted a picture on her blog with black dots on her face, the same ones it turns out.

Idol Yuko Oshima Announces Plans to Graduate From AKB48
Singer and actress Yuko Oshima announced during this year's NHK Kōhaku Uta Gassen (Red and White Song Battle) New Year's program on Tuesday that she will graduate from idol group AKB48. Oshima was a member of the group's Team K, and she won last year's.

アジアで現地の人と仕事をするなら要チェック! よくある7つの問題と3つの心得 - ハフィントンポスト
私のいるセブ島は旅行や留学のリピーターがかなり多いように思います。 2016-05-24-1464098957-5549261-yuko6_1. png . ▷海で出逢った子どもたち。すぐ話しかけに来てくれる. 生活の中では、効率が悪いことや「日本ではありえない!」と思うこともしばしばですが、次第に&nbsp.

Love Live! School idol project (TV) - Anime News Network
Plot Summary: Honoka Kōsaka loves her school. That's why it's bad news for her when she finds out it's being shut down due to lack of new students. In order to bring in more students, Honoka decides to start a "school idol group," which is certain to.

Japan’s AKB48, a girl pop group whose lineup is chosen by fans, set to go global
TOKYO — AKB48 is not exactly a band ... For most girls, the primary goal is simply to make the top 64, which brings more TV and other media exposure. Yuko Oshima, the winner two years ago, returned to the top seat with 108,837 votes.

Former AKB48 member Yuko Oshima involved in car crash
Yuko Oshima, a former member of the all-girl pop group AKB48, has crashed a car but was unhurt, it has been learned from the Metropolitan Police Department's Yotsuya Police Station. According to the police station, at about 5:30 p.m. on May 26, 27-year-old.

AKB48 member Oshima Yuko graduates
On June 9 Oshima Yuko decided to bring her 8 years and 2 months worth of activities as a member of J-pop mega-group AKB48 to an end. Oshima became the captain of Team K in 2012 and has been a leader ever since. The last song she performed live was "Heavy.

J-Level #78: revive la fantasía - LEVELUP
Y siguiendo con el tema de la sabrosura y ahora que están de moda las elecciones, en Japón también se preparan para elegir nuevos gobernantes; sin embargo, para muchos japoneses calientes fue más importante la elección de AKB48 . Aprovechando la.

Samurai Warriors/Sengoku Musou Gets TV Anime in March - Anime News Network
Tecmo KOEI announced at its Sengoku Musou 10th Anniversary Presentation event on Friday that a television anime adaptation of its Sengoku Musou ( Samurai Warriors ) games has been green-lit. The Sengoku Musou SP: Sanada no Shou ( Samurai&nbsp.

Yuko Oshima most popular of AKB48's members
Yuko Oshima is the most popular member of all-girl pop super-group AKB48, according to fans. AKB48 consists of a full 48 members, and the ever-changing roster is separated into smaller groups. The group performed a number of songs at the AKB48 Amphitheater.

Yuko Oshima stars in new serial police drama “Yamegoku ~ Yakuza Yamate Itadakimasu ~”
Pop star Yuko Oshima has landed her first leading role in a dramatic series, Yamegoku ~ Yakuza Yamate Itadakimasu ~. The new series will premiere on the Tokyo Broadcasting System beginning in April, 2015. Oshima plays a detective who helps criminals that.

Sony And Nintendo Disaster Donations Outdone By Idols
AKB48 is currently Japan's most popular girl group ... In 2010, the next highest paid members (Yuko Oshima, Haruna Kojima and Tomomi Itano) supposedly earned ¥18 million ($218,730), ¥16 million ($194,426) and ¥16 million ($194,426), respectively.