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Come clean on your climate stance, Prime Minister
The review of the Renewable Energy Target is the latest move from a Prime Minister whose actions on climate change don't match his words, writes Matt Grudnoff in this open letter. You've told us that you want a country where politicians say what they mean.

Grading for solar project stopped by San Bernardino County inspector
The company expects to develop the project in two phases, starting with a 70-acre portion. It was first introduced to the public during summer 2010, when representatives from Axio Power, now Sun Edison, explained their plans to develop a 10-megawatt solar.

Hurricane Irma Now 'Potentially Catastrophic' With Winds Hitting at Least 185 Miles Per Hour
Category 5 Hurricane Irma is currently barreling through the Atlantic Ocean and is now considered the strongest recorded storm in the Atlantic basin outside of the Caribbean Sea or Gulf of Mexico, the Weather Channel reported Tuesday night. “I am at a.

The Battle's Lost. The War's Begun.
It isn't safe for her to bike and BART late at night by herself. I always put the environment first on those surveys, and have been saying for years that if the planet is uninhabitable all the rest, no matter how horrible, is moot. I feel guilty all the.

Holmes County Shopper Hub
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More devotees turn up at SGNP in Mumbai, but litter less on Mahashivratri
Devotees flocked to Shiva temples on Mahashivratri and the thousands of people who visited the temples Sanjay Gandhi National Park (SGNP) left less litter, said forest officials. More than 50,000 devotees congregated in the national park. “Littering has.

In American crisis, anger and guns
In the first two months of this year, around 2.5 million Americans bought guns, a 26 percent increase over the same period in 2008. It was great news for gun makers and a sign of a dark mood in the country. Gun sales shot up almost immediately after Barack.

Quincy Jones to promote K-pop globally
“There’s is a sensibility here I have not found in Japan, China or Vietnam,” he said, citing the success of South Korean rapper Psy’s global chart-topper “Gangnam Style”. Maybe he one of the few that has not watched the video or PsY. No offense.

AKB48 Idols Star in Sailor Zombie Shooting Arcade Game
Players can shoot undead idols with antidotes, play rhythm games this April Bandai Namco Games announced on Friday that an arcade game titled Sailor Zombie ~AKB48 Arcade Edition~ will arrive in Japanese arcades in April. Each play costs 200 yen (about US$2.

Gamma frequency entrainment attenuates amyloid load and modifies microglia
Figure 1: 5XFAD mice have reduced power in gamma during hippocampal SWRs. Figure 3: Driving 40 Hz oscillations optogenetically in hippocampus causes a distinct morphological transformation of microglia in 5XFAD mice. Figure 4: Driving 40 Hz.