Rena Masuk Team K Akb48 Members

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Fallen idol Nori-P emerges as survivor of 'bullying' culture
Teeny-bopper Minami Minegishi, a former member of Japan’s most popular girl band AKB48, famously shaved her hair off—a ... She's also the CAPTAIN of TEAM K, by the way, in AKB. SO yeah, it's just soooooo horrible what happens to these girls.

Final AKB48 Murder Mystery Ad Aired
My Konbu). In the story, AKB48 members discover the body of fellow idol Rena Katō. Atsuko Maeda appears as a detective and volunteers to handle the case. Katō leaves the cryptic messages "N" and "23K.24AB," and all 89 current members of the idol group.

AKB48 Announces Tectonic Line-Up Shift
the elimination of the pop group's “Team 4″ leaving the initial line-up of Team A, K, and B. Minami Takahashi was appointed as the general manager of the AKB48 groups, with Mariko Shinoda, Yuko Oshima and Ayaka Umeda becoming the captains of teams.

AKB48 Team 8 performs at Phil-Jap 60th anniversary celebration
Comprising over 100 members, who are divided into five teams (Teams A, K, B, 4 and 8), the group regularly travels the country for shows, do TV guestings or perform in its own AKB48 Theater in Akihabara, Tokyo. Team 8 ... event were Rena Fukuchi, Yurina.