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So Long! (AKB48 song)
As with many of AKB48's songs, the lyrics were written by Yasushi Akimoto. They begin: which is romanized as: "So long! ..hohoende! So long! ..jā matane, eda ni ikutsu ka no katai tsubomi, sakurazensen mada konai-noni" and translated as: "So long.

AKB48 47th Single Announced, Titled “Shoot Sign”
Watanabe Mayu and Kashiwagi Yuki’s song will be included only in the Theater edition. The Sakamichi Series (Nogizaka46 and Keyakizaka46) + AKB48 song will be included in Type E. That alone gets me hyped to find out more about this must-have release since.

AKB48 Spawns NGT48 Sister Idol Group in Niigata
The female idol group AKB48 will spawn NGT48, a new sister group based in Niigata Prefecture. A video at the evening session of the "AKB48 Request Hour Set List Best 1035 2015" event made the annoucement at Tokyo Dome City Hall on Sunday. Auditions for the.

Konomi Suzuki 18 ~ Colorful Gift ~ release details and song previews
Konomi Suzuki (鈴木このみ) just released 2nd album 18 ~ Colorful Gift ~ and revealed more album preview videos. Her new album includes singles, cover songs, new songs and more for 13 total tracks. Album 18 ~ Colorful Gift ~ comes on two editions that.

5 Popular AKB48 Singles That Will Turn You Into Their Biggest Fan!
Koi Suru Fortune Cookie is one of AKB48’s biggest songs that made a hit in Japan. It was Sashihara Rino’s first time to be the focus of a song. Koi Suru Fortune Cookie also became a craze because of the dance (onigiri) choreographed by Suzuki Papaya.

Visitors from Japan in number but camera focuses on host nation revelation
She was beaten by Korea’s Song Maeum (8-11, 11-8, 12-10, 11-4, 11-9). Defeats for the two youngest in the event, for the third it was success; that player is Sun Yingsha. Impressive once again from the Chinese teenager, it was the same from Rika Suzuki.

Explore March 14th, Php, and more!
Name: Yuuka Tano. Birthdate: March 7, 1997. #Yuuka Tano #田野優花 #AKB48 12th Generation (Announced April 2011). Name: Rika_Suzuki. Birthdate: January 10, 1997. #Rika_Suzuki #鈴木里香 #Kenkyuusei #AKB48 11th Generation (Announced July 2010.

AKB48's 'Waiting Girls' chosen by Japan's major magazines for gravure photoshoots
After AKB48’s “27th Single Senbatsu General Election” 64 lucky girls were chosen by fans to participate in the single. But what about the 172 girls* who didn’t make the top 64 spots and what about their fans? Well, 34 of Japan’s biggest magazine.

AKB48 monthly newspaper on sale
A monthly AKB48 group newspaper is being published by Nikkan Sports. This month, the 32-page tabloid reports on the group's charity activities in the Tohoku area, as well as carrying features on Miyuki Watanabe from NMB48, and an interview with sumo grand.

"Akame Ga Kill!" Casts New Characters
Kenji Nomura, Aina Suzuki and Eriko Matsui as the Four Rakshasa Demons of the Imperial Fist Temple - respectively Ibara, Sten, Mez and Suzuki. Then, theme song singer Mayama Rika gets a role as a palace maid in episode 20, "Kill the Shura.