Sailor Zombie Akb48 River

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The dog who plays fetch with himself: Clever canine throws his ball in the river.. and then chases after it as the current carries it away
When he decides it has travelled far enough, the tiny canine picks it up in his jaw. He then moves up to the top of the stream and starts his little game again. But the game starts to go awry when the ball floats too far down the stream and into deeper.

AKB48 Idols Star in Sailor Zombie Shooting Arcade Game
Players can shoot undead idols with antidotes, play rhythm games this April Bandai Namco Games announced on Friday that an arcade game titled Sailor Zombie ~AKB48 Arcade Edition~ will arrive in Japanese arcades in April. Each play costs 200 yen (about US$2.

Sailor Zombie: AKB48 Arcade Edition lets you shoot and dance with zombie idols
4Gamer has just revealed a game I think we all want to play. Nay, we all need to play it. Sadly, Sailor Zombie: AKB48 Arcade Edition‘s name seems to suggest it will be but a fleeting dream. After all, when it has “arcade edition” in the name.

World's first “Monster Slider” coming to Japan this summer - RocketNews24
There's no better place to escape the stifling humidity of a Japanese summer than at a water-filled fun park. This year, families will be heading to Shibamasa World in Fukui Prefecture, the country's largest theme park facing the Japan Sea, to try out.

Shibuya Station 2019: one step closer to the Neo-Tokyo of our dreams - RocketNews24
Tokyu Corporation, JR East, and Tokyo Metro are all involved in the revitalisation project, which includes construction of a number of high-rise buildings and even the resurrection of a local historical river with new water-treating technologies.

Your turn to shoot AKB47, alongside your BFFAKB
Proving anyone can become a zombie, members of popular idol group AKB48 have been turned into sailor-suited walking dead for a new arcade game “Sailor Zombie: AKB48 Arcade Edition.” To end the plague, you must shoot antidote-loaded weapons at.

AKB48 recruits new part-time idols – for US$10 an hour
The popular idol group AKB48 announced at the AKB48 Group Summer Festival on Sunday that they are recruiting new “part-time” members — for 1,000 yen (about US$10) an hour. Typically, potential AKB48 candidates must first undergo audition and become.

Women rescued after voyage went from bad to worse
A photo provided by the Navy shows Fuiava smiling as a Navy sailor greets her dog, Zeus aboard the USS Ashland. The women received a medical assessment, food and beds aboard the Navy ship, where they will remain until the next port of call, the Navy said.

AKB48 Members Recovering After Attack, Theater Still Shut Down
A member of idol group AKB48 called into a live TV program Wednesday and gave ... Meanwhile, TV Tokyo has revealed it will postpone airing this week’s episode of “Sailor Zombie” in the light of the attacks. The drama series features high school.

New arcade game lets you get face-to-face with AKB48 members… and shoot them in the face
It’s called "Sailor Zombie AKB48 Edition," and as the name suggests it features members of the pop squad dressed up in adorable sailor outfits. Also as the name implies, the cuties are reanimated corpses who desire to eat your brains. Luckily.