Sanma No Manma Akb48 Songs

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When Sanma goes, so may the laughs
made on the July 2 installment of his talk show “Sanma no Manma”(“Sanma As He Is”). His guest was Chiharu Junior, a comedian who belongs to the same production company that handles Sanma, Osaka-based Yoshimoto Kogyo. Chiharu asked his senpai.

Mysterious bags of Japanese mushroom snacks are hard to get, create intrigue online
But food producer UHA appears to have taken a totally different route with their Kinoko No Manma, which loosely translates as “mushrooms as they are”, but a slightly more fitting interpretation might be “I Can’t Believe They’re Not Mushrooms!”.

Cross-dressing Matsuko Deluxe: AKB opening Tokyo Olympics 'would embarrass Japan'
This time the target of her ire is idol groups like AKB48. On a radio show this week, she slammed the idea of them performing for the Tokyo Olympics as “embarrassing.” The comments came as part of a discussion about the announcement by AKB48’s.