Satsujin Jiken Akb48 Songs

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Poster Visual for Shunji Iwai-Directed "The Case of Hana & Alice" Anime Film Posted
A poster visual for critically acclaimed Japanese director Shunji Iwai's first anime feature Hana to Alice Satsujin Jiken/The Case of Hana & Alice is revealed to Japanese media today. It is a prequel to his live-action film in 2004 Hana to Alice/Hana.

Hana & Alice Anime, Yuasa's Adventure Time Episode Compete at Annecy
The Case of Hana & Alice (Hana to Alice Satsujin Jiken), Shunji Iwai's animated prequel to his 2004 coming-of-age film Hana & Alice, has been selected for the Official Feature Film Competition at the 39th Annecy International Animation Film Festival.

Japan’s toxic prophets are revealed in ‘Yokokuhan’ adaptation
How can a punk rock song recorded in 1974 save the world (“Fish Story”)? How can a mousy office worker become a diabolical murderer, at least in the eyes of the mass media (“Shirayuki Hime Satsujin Jiken” aka “The Snow White Murder Case”.

Steins;Gate Sales Make 5pb President Say… (★ ° ∀ °) ノ
Steins;Gate is popular in Japan. Very popular. How popular? 300,000 copies of the game shipped across PC, Xbox 360 and PSP to date, according to 5pb president, Chiyomaru Shikura. Pointing out that this is an admirable number for a visual novel, Shikura.

What do you think of Japanese pop and rock music? Heard anything you like?
Ryuichi Sakamoto! the song together with David Sylvian is a classic! furthermore i like, Dir & grey, Melt-banana, maximum the hormone, The gazzete, Lolita 18, cocobat, Beat crusaders, sheena ringo, Tokyo jiken, D.M.C, Yoko Kanno, Pizzicato 5, Fantastic.

AKB48's Akimoto Sayaka in new drama
9 Feb – AKB48 member Akimoto Sayaka would be starring in a new ... according to a report by TokyoHive. In the drama "Asadora Satsujin Jiken", Akimoto takes the role of Miho, a morning television drama assistant producer who has been tasked to remove.

'One Punch Man' Anime Blu-Ray/DVD Release To Include 6 OVAs
If you just can't get enough of the "One Punch Man" anime series, you're in luck. Well, you're lucky if you can afford it anyway. The official twitter account for the "One Punch Man" anime series has confirmed that the upcoming Blu-ray/DVD release will.

Film Review: ‘The Case of Hana and Alice’
An unusual, not-yet-perfected style of rotoscope animation allows two Japanese actresses to play younger, line-drawn versions of the live-action characters that made them both stars in “The Case of Hana and Alice,” a gently comedic and all-around.

Toshiyuki MORIKAWA - Anime News Network
Flash Gordon (voiceover for Sam J. Jones) in "Flash Gordon" (live-action movie/DVD version) (Japanese). Fujiwara no Moroe in "Ouchou Haru no Yoi no Romance" (Drama CD). Gereint in "Dragon Nest" (PC RPG) (Japanese). Godot Vilfort in "Valkyria: Azure&nbsp.