Seibu Dome Akb48 River

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Seibu Prince Dome is right behind; opened in 1979 as Seibu Lions Stadium ... the Clemente Bridge crossing the Allegheny River beyond center field at PNC Park in Pittsburgh and the home-run Liberty Bell at Philadelphia’s Citizen’s Bank Park.

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In this week’s “world news in photos,” nature gets some attention. First, great white sharks get a little help from the state of California. On Wednesday, California's Fish and Game Commission voted unanimously to consider a petition filed by three.

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The bridge in the background is Tamagawara Bridge. Again, it looks a lot less exciting without the giant cube rolling along the Tama River in the background The Seibu Prince Dome is located in Tokorozawa, Saitama, and is the home field of the Saitama Seibu.

New AKB48 DVD to Come with 1 of 116 Random Photos
group's Saitama concert DVD offered in 5 versions with random bonus pics DVDs of pop idol group AKB48's AKB48 Yossha~Ikuzo~! in Seibu Dome concert will ship in Japan on December 28 with one of 116 random AKB48 photographs. The three-day event began on.

Huong Nguyen comments
the girls collapsed from heat stroke at their Seibu dome concert but still went out and keep singing or how happy the tsunami victims, especially the chidren were to see AKB48 and told them to do their best even tho these people just lost their homes.

Hiroshima, 1958: Everyday life captured on camera 【Photos】
A baby’s pushchair and crib stand on the street, as children play in the background. Boys fishing in the Ōta river, with the bombed-out genbaku dome just visible in the background. A child rides on the back of a bicycle on an unpaved road.

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Japan’s Seibu Dome, which features a fixed roof ... As synonymous with the Texas State Fairas deep-fried butter, the Cotton Bowl houses the annual Red River Rivalry between the Sooners and Longhorns, a game that acts as the main attraction amid the.

HKT48's Debuts
25 Oct – The first members of HKT48 were finally revealed at AKB48's handshake event for "Flying Get" at Seibu Dome on 23 October 2011, according to tokyohive. HKT48 is a new Fukuoka-based Japanese idol group, meant to be the sister group of AKB48.

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It’s about an hour away from Seibu dome ... built into a hill so prior to the dome,it was already naturally protected against the wind (The area around the dome is truly beautiful, surrounded by trees and a large river about half a mile away, it easily.

An insider’s guide to Japanese baseball
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