Seifuku Resistance Ske48 Funny

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AKB48 Live in Concert
Anyone who would dismiss AKB48's repertoire as carbon-copy bubblegum has not heard or seen these songs: "Kuroi Tenshi," with its S&M overtones in the dance routine; "Seifuku Resistance," which adds a punkish touch to the group's school-uniform aesthetic.

AKB48 to hold competition to choose which member will sing 24th single CD
Last year, 47 members of AKB48 and four students took part in the competition. This year, a total of 71 will compete, including five members of SKE48, five from NMB48 and three student members of AKB48.

The Onigiri - Issue 2
Yoon Eun Hye portrays her role very well, since this was considered her second major role after the infamous Goong (AKA Princess Hours). Some moments are extremely funny which will end up giving you a belly ache.