Senbatsu akb48 2010 cars

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Stretch! Man’s elastic mouth measures 17 centimeters wide
Get ready for something truly jaw-dropping. No, seriously. Francisco Domingo Joaquim, a 20-year-old man from Angola, has a shockingly elastic mouth. It’s so stretchy, in fact, that Joaquim has earned a Guinness World Record for possessing the widest.

Ten best selling girl groups of all time
Girl band TLC have made a comeback 15 years after losing member Lisa 'Left Eye' Lopes, who died in a car crash in 2002 ... the band have recorded 12 albums and sold 53.9 million records. In 2010, band member Selina suffered more than 50% burns to her.

Japan's Animation TV Ranking, August 23-29
August 25 at 10:00 p.m. with a 15.0 rating. The 2010 AKB48 Marugoto JĹŤrei Special debuted on Tueday, August 24 at 7:00 p.m. with a 12.5 rating.

Japanese Pop Idol Shaves Her Head In SHAME After A Sex Scandal!
Paparazzi caught a young man sneaking out of a beautiful young Japanese pop-star's apartment one ... the first thing that I went through my head was that “I don’t want to leave AKB48.” This is a place where my dear members, who I spent my blossom.

Cher Lloyd had meltdown in X Factor rehearsal complaining: I look like a freak
X Factor favourite Cher Lloyd went into meltdown just hours before making her debut on last night's show. Cher Lloyd 450 (Pic:ITV) X Factor favourite Cher Lloyd went into meltdown just hours before making her debut on last night's show. The 17-year-old.

Music Station: Justin Bieber rencontre les filles de AKB48 - TVQC
Backstage, Justin Bieber a précisé qu'il était un fan de AKB48 en donnant un baiser à Minami Takahashi, qui faisait une dernière apparition avec le groupe, et Haruna Kojima. Ce qui a provoqué la colère de certain fans, car pour ceux qui ne le savent.

J-Pop Summit Festival: Celebrating Japanese pop culture
The fact that the event was the first in the United States, in 2010, to present Hatsune Miku ... for a free concert by beat boxer Daichi, AKB48 "graduate" Tomomi Itano and all-girl pop juggernaut Tokyo Girls' Style. Don't succumb to sensory overwhelm.

Rock, paper scissors and the fierce world of Japanese pop
What most people did not know was this was a contest that decided which member of wildly popular Japanese girl group AKB48 would get to front the band ... she didn't come close to winning this game of chance. In 2010, she came 12th in the rock, paper.

JKT 48 Perkuat Iklan TV Produk Pocari Swet Terbaru - Tribunnews
Tujuan besar pertama anggota dari JKT48 untuk dipilih sebagai AKB48 itu anggota “ Senbatsu ”. Dengan melakukan ini, akan memainkan peran konstruktif untuk tidak hanya untuk membawa JKT48 anggota, tetapi juga sorak-sorai dari fans Indonesia ke&nbsp.

AKB48 : Discours sur l'Ă©tat de l'Union - DozoDomo
AKB48 (nous désignerons AKB48 , pour des raisons de commodités, le concept dans son ensemble) est organisé en «équipes» qui s'apparentent sur certains points en ligues, possède plusieurs divisions alternatives basées dans d'autres villes japonaises,&nbsp.

BABYMETAL à Heavy Montréal: explication du phénomène BABYMETAL et la mode Kawaii - TVQC
BABYMETAL est vraiment un beau cas pour présenter l'imagerie «Kawaii», car ce groupe mélange justement la mode «kawaii», le monde des idoles japonaises, la j-pop, le visual key et même le heavy métal, sans oublier que c'est le groupe qui buzz le plus.

Gov't turns to AKB48 to sell bonds
Get men's lillte heads to make decisions their big heads know are crazy -- .88% interest. I prefer Captain America. AKB48 you now have the duty of saving your country from financial turmoil. We want you to get YOUR fans to give Japan's government the money.