Shoujiki Shogi Okada Nana Akb48

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AKB48 members receive successful surgery after attack in a meet-and-greet event
AKB48’s Anna Iriyama and Rina Kawaei and a male staff member are now recovering after a successful surgery. The three were attacked by a saw-wielding man during this past Sunday’s handshake event. Suspect Satoru Umeta (24) has admitted to the.

Loving You From Far Away
They think you love them as a friend and nothing more. That is how Iwata Karen feels for Okada Nana. Will she keep her emotions in or Confess.

Ai Iijima
It was also at this time that Iijima became involved in campaigns to educate the public about HIV/AIDS, a cause that few Japanese celebrities were willing to undertake. Iijima continued her activities for this cause in public forums and in her blog for the.