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L'industrie de la J-pop -
à fortes audiences, calendriers sexy, partenariat avec une chaîne de supérettes, au printemps 2010 nul n'a pu échapper à l'omniprésence des AKB48 , le nouveau girl's band figure de proue de la nouvelle vague J-POP qui cartonne au pays du soleil levant.

AKB48 tops Yahoo! celebrity search term ranking for 3rd consecutive year
Mega-popular idol group AKB48 have triumphed again in the Yahoo! Japan annual celebrity search term ranking. According to the search giant, AKB48 was the most popular Japanese celebrity search term among Japanese people for the third consecutive year in 2012.

AKB48 Dominasi Penjualan Single dan Album Hingga Pertengahan 2014 -
Dilansir dari Tokyo Hive, Selasa (17/6/2014), AKB48 mendominasi tangga single dan menjadi jawara di tangga album Oricon untuk periode awal hingga pertengahan 2014. Kesuksesan mereka itu pun otomatis meruntuhkan nama-nama seperti Arashi, dan&nbsp.

Psycho-Pass Film Given R15+ Age Rating - Anime News Network
The last major anime film with an R18+ rating was 2011's complete edition of Mardock Scramble: The First Compression. Berserk Golden Age Arc III: Descent (Berserk Ōgon Jidai -Hen III: Kōrin) was initially listed with an R18+ rating, but it was.

Sharin no Kuni Kickstarter campaign launches to localize dystopian-themed adult game
First released over a decade ago in 2005, Sharin no Kuni, Himawari no Shoujo has long been regarded as one of the ... After a lukewarm reaction to the news of the localization and their Prefundia page, the team seems to have worked hard to take on board.

Hayao Miyazaki's Post-Retirement Samurai Manga Previewed on TV - Anime News Network
NTV host Masaaki Sakai asked, "Does he like sengoku jidai no chanbara (samurai swordfighting stories set in Japan's Warring States Period)?" Suzuki responded, "That's what he is drawing now. He'll get angry if I talk too much. Let's stop talking about.

Le Japon c'est aussi : Les Kofun - DozoDomo
Les recherches sur les kofun ont permis de comprendre beaucoup de choses sur la société et les mécanismes d'antan. Ainsi il est de coutume d'appeler cette époque l'époque Kofun (古墳時代 kofun jidai ). La forme des différents kofun. On trouve des kofun&nbsp.

K-pop Stars 2NE1, Girls Generation, 2PM Shine at MTV Japan's VMAs
Girls Generation who won album of the year for "Shoujo Jidai" Japanese mega-group Exile (Avex) came forth for the hometown crowd, nabbing the Best Video of the Year for "Rising Sun" and Namie Amuro (Avex) pushed aside Bjork and Rihanna to grab Best Female.

7 Eras of Japanese History via Anime - Anime News Network
The history of Japanese civilization is expansive, predating the Common Era by 10,000 years (the Jomon period). There's much more ground to cover compared to what kids get in U.S. history classes in high school, which rarely cover anything before the&nbsp.

Arashi ยังไร้เทียมทาน! โกยยอดขายปีก่อน 5000 ล้านเยน - หนังสือพิมพ์ผู้จัดการ
นอกจากนั้น Soundscan ยังจะนับยอดผลงานแยกในแต่ละเวอร์ชั่นด้วย อัลบั้มหรือซิงเกิลที่ใช้แผนการตลาดออกหลายเชอร์นั่นในคราวเดียว จึงดูมียอดที่ไม่สูงเท่าที่ควรนั่นเอง นี่เป็นเหตุผลที่ซิงเกิลของ AKB48 ไม่ได้ติดอันดับ TOP10 เลยหากนับยอดแบบแยกเวอร์ชั่น แต่ถ้านับยอดรวมแล้ว ซิงเกิล&nbsp.

Strength and tradition draw women back to sumo world
So-called スー女 (sūjo, women who are sumo devotees) are on the rise, joining the ranks of 格闘技女子 (kakutōgijoshi, women who go in for martial arts) who have gone mainstream. True, Japanese men have been generally 元気がない (genki ga nai.

K-pop rocks Japan - Mail & Guardian Online
Girls' Generation perform in Japan as Shojo Jidai , and in South Korea as So Nyuh Shi Dae. Stephen McClure, the Tokyo-based ... Yoroshiku by Japan's girlband of the moment, AKB48 , and Mr Taxi by Girls' Generation. “The former is mindless and full-on.

Naruto Stage Musical Unveils Teams 8, 10 in Costume - Anime News Network
The musical will cover the manga's story from the first to 27th volume. The production will include drama, songs, dance, and acrobatics. The musical will run from March 21 to April 5 in the AiiA Theater Tokyo, followed by performances in Fukuoka (April.

MPD-Psycho Manga's End Moved to 22nd Volume - Anime News Network
The essay series, titled Kadokawa Tsuguhiko to Media Mix no Jidai (Tsuguhiko Kadokawa and the Era of Media Mix), is a biography of three generations of Kadokawa Group leaders: Gen'yoshi Kadokawa, Haruki Kadokawa, and Tsuguhiko Kadokawa.

Masashi Kishimoto to Start Work on Next Title After Naruto After Next Summer - Anime News Network
In addition, there will be a giant wall mural of an illustration by Kishimoto. These and other efforts are part of the larger "Naruto Shin Jidai Kaimaku Project" (Naruto's New Era Opening Project) marking the 15th anniversary of the original manga.