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44-year-old man arrested for stalking HKT48 idol group singer - Japan Today
Police in Fukuoka have arrested a 44-year-old man on suspicion of stalking an 18-year-old member of idol group HKT48,a sister group of AKB48 . According to police, the suspect, Yoshio Nitta, whose occupation is unknown, is said to have driven by the&nbsp.

The show must go on for young actress Megan after breaking her knee
PAISLEY DAILY EXPRESS: Live news as it happens The 14-year-old declared the show must go on as powered through the run with the support of the rest of the cast at the Paisley Art Centre. Her proud mum Stacie Grant explained how Renfrew High pupil Megan.

We visit Legoland Japan to see if things are as bad as the rumors say - SoraNews24
Once inside, we were happy to see that the park wasn't deserted, as there were guests milling about who must have come soon after the gates opened at 10. And honestly, while people-watching is always fun, it was the Legos we had come to see, and there&nbsp.

Arrest of ex-AKB48 manager reveals illicit films of naked members - The Tokyo Reporter
In one 58-minute clip shot in 2010, an AKB48 member is seen lounging fully naked on a bed in a hotel room. Footage taken on New Year's Eve in 2009 shows members inside a dressing room for NHK's special “Kohaku Uta Gassen” program prior to and&nbsp.

'Mugabe must go!' – Zimbabweans on streets of Harare to support military takeover of presidency
Thousands are travelling to the Zimbabwe capital Harare for a rally in support of the military takeover that is seeking to remove President Robert Mugabe from power.People have been dancing and singing about a future without Mugabe rule.

JYP Entertainment's 'Stray Kids' open SNS accounts - allkpop
39;Stray Kids' is the title of the upcoming JYP x Mnet trainee survival show . The name 'Stray Kids' is supposed to signify that the boys won't be staying in one specified concept, but instead show charms in all sorts of areas. The survival show will.

Arashi, Ken Hirai, AKB48, Crystal Kay, and More Perform on FNS Kayousai 2016 - Arama Japan (press release) (blog)
The show was about 4 hours long, and was hosted by Chisato Moritaka and Watabe Ken. Performers on the show included Arashi, Kato Miliyah, Ken Hirai, Yumi Matsutoya, AKB48 , Momoiro Clover Z, Crystal Kay, Kanjani8, and many more. Check out the full&nbsp.

指原莉乃「過呼吸になってから卒業したい」発言が話題...アイドルはなぜ過呼吸になるのか? - インフォシーク
AKB48 全盛期ど真ん中の2012年に公開された映画『DOCUMENTARY of AKB48 Show must go on 少女たちは傷つきながら、夢を見る』におさめられた真夏の西武ドームコンサートの模様はあまりにも有名だ。前田敦子や大島優子らが次々に過呼吸を起こし倒れていく様子は&nbsp.

2017 MAMA Producers Address Recent Controversies - soompi
and on both November 30 and December 1 in Hong Kong. Kim Ki Woong also revealed at the press conference that I.O.I and AKB48 will be performing each other's songs in their collaboration, which will take place in Japan on the second night of the show.

Odd election picks Japan's largest pop group - KRDO
quot;We just can say to the fans that you would not have to go too far." AKB48 , which stands for their hometown of Akihabara, Japan, includes more than 120 members, but their four sister group members are eligible for the election too, taking the total to 322.

Advice desk: My Polo must go... I am driving on a wing and a prayer
Aidan Timmons and Motoring Editor Eddie Cunningham team up to help readers make the right choice with their next car. Aidan visits dealers all over the country to produce a monthly guidebook on the values of used cars. He is co-editor of Motor Trade.

'4 Cs' — Commitment, Collaboration, Consistency, Community — Crucial for Smart Cities - Government Technology
But in a determination a UPS representative said he finds significant, the report finds would-be smart cities must stay committed, collaborative and consistent, and emphasize community in order to thrive. The number of smart city projects around the.